>No Respect *Tie Yank*

14 Jan


So… I’ve been following the whole Tonight Show mess and it’s the largest, stinkiest, steamiest peacock turd I’ve ever seen. For the past few years NBC has not been known for good programing, their only award winning show is 30 Rock, and they still don’t treat that show with the respect it deserves. Watching SNL is like going to your little brother’s soccer game, you know they aren’t great but you watch for moral support and hope they’ll get better. (“Come on buddy, I know you can do it!”) And even though I’m a huge Law and Order fan, they do not need a another spin off…that’s what’s supposed to replace The Jay Leno Show.

Back to the mess, Jay Leno is now ticked at NBC because they are making him look like the bad guy by moving him back to 11:35. (I know Jay thinks he’s a nice guy but nice guys are normally passive aggressive butt holes.) Well, Jay, if you didn’t want to move to 11:35 you could just, uh, retire, for reals this time. And you should be used to being the “bad guy”, remember when you screwed Letterman over and Carson wouldn’t even let you be on his last show? Each time you are the “bad guy” it’s because you are actually a low life,scheming, poor excuse of a man. Grow a pair and pipe up and say you want Conan to have his fair shot because God knows he hasn’t gotten even that. NBC marketed your show like it was the second coming of Christ and it still failed!

Conan’s shows since this all burst out onto the news circuits have been hilarious, his letter to the “People of Earth“was funny and supremely classy. All the polls have said 60-84% want Conan to stay at 11:35 and don’t want to see Leno. NBC is trying to cater to the 45+ age group that in 10 years will not be staying up until 11:35 to even watch Leno. Also, my demographic has created a HUGE facebook group (I’m for Coco) that in 2 days has 75,000+ fans, Leno fans number in a whopping 135. They really needed to let Conan settle in. If they think that after all this stink that Leno will come back to the Tonight Show and it’ll be numero uno, they are a bunch of stupid turds. His whole reputation is beyond reparable. He’s the Tiger Woods of late night, done with herpes on top.

NBC really needs to listen to the public on this one, since we are the ones that are/will be watching. If not, then they should go talk to Jack Donaghy because I’m sure that fictional character will give them better business advice than their real life advisers are. Give the Cone Zone some respect!!

To show you how funny Conan is here’s a tasty-taste. (Sorry it’s a little grainy)
1864 baseball w/ Conan OBrien – Watch more Funny Videos


One Response to “>No Respect *Tie Yank*”

  1. MAYBELLINE January 17, 2010 at 6:10 AM #

    >Riot!Although I've seen this before, it still cracked me up. Thanks

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