Rally for the White Man

19 Jan
So… today my friend Megan and I traveled to Universal Studios by way of the Metro link to be part of the ‘I’m with Coco’ Rally. We had never taken the Metro in LA, but we figured it out. We took the Amtrak to Union Station then the Metro into Universal. The Metro was way simpler than the Amtrak, mostly because they have actualpeople you can talk to instead of just hoping you bought the right ticket!

We got to the rally a little before noon, which is when it started. The rain was coming down pretty good but we were relatively dry.
We had made our shirts TWO nights before but they didn’t dry until late last night. As soon as the glittery orange paint got hit with rain, it began to melt. We were COVERED in glitter by the end of the rally. It was like a pixie farted on us.
We were interviewed by various radio shows. Three total I believe and if I can find any of them I will post the links here. The rain really came down and I didn’t think our little Target umbrellas were going to make it. There was a very smart guy who had a basket full of umbrellas that he was selling for $5 a pop. They were like big golf umbrellas, nice and sturdy looking.
We had these umbrellas for, oh, about 3 minutes and then THIS:
Umbrella Fail
But thankfully Conan’s staff came out and passed out hats. They were $22, we got them for free and they are soon to be collectibles.
It was really pouring. The wind was making the water, basically surround us and more people started showing up. All the trash cans were FULL of broken umbrellas. My pants were SOAKED. If they had set up a Slip and Slide, I wouldn’t have gotten any more wet because it was like I took a shower with my clothes on.
La Bamba came out in a Pope mobile type carriage. Everyone went nuts!! (This was on the show later in the evening.)
Then, after a while something happened…
CONAN came running through in a flame of ginger glory.
His head is above the blue umbrella.

We all started running and screaming but it was oddly organized.

We all ran down to Gate 2, where Conan has his show and waited for anything to happen. What I found humorous was that right next to Gate 2 was Human Resources. HA, wonderful.

After a while Andy Richter came out to talk to us and the heavens parted for one of God’s favorite cherubs.

After Andy came out, Conan waved, did the string dance and looked very Evita-esque.
After more waving, cheering and chanting Conan’s staff brought us all about 60 boxes of pizza, which was really yummy since we were so cold and wet.
(They were even nice and got different flavors of pizza. Yea for the vegetarians…which does not include me but it was a nice gesture.)

On the way back to the metro we saw a skit being done for the Funny or Die website with Asian Conan and Asian Jay. I thought they were funny without doing anything!

The metro was SUPER warm and dry. We were both excited to be heading home.
Last stretch before we got back.
Cold and Wet.
Cold, Wet and Tired.
We got back, got some Mexican food, changed into some sweats, ate, napped and then watched some Cone Zone. Over all a very funny and VERY exhausting day. Totally worth it.
This was what was on The Tonight Show this evening. They did NOT put up the part about Conan running with us or the pizzas.



3 Responses to “Rally for the White Man”

  1. MAYBELLINE January 19, 2010 at 5:26 PM #

    >You got me with the pixie farts!This was a fun travelogue.Thanks for taking your readers along.

  2. MAYBELLINE January 19, 2010 at 5:30 PM #

    >You can tell you've been on the treadmill. You blasted through the crowd pretty good.

  3. MAYBELLINE January 22, 2010 at 3:55 PM #

    >I look forward to reading your take on the recent developments.

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