Decadent Y’all.

14 Feb
So… I tried to make a butterscotch cookie with chocolate ganache that I saw on Bakerella’s blog.
I couldn’t find the 11 inch pan she used but I found one that was 8in x 2in.
I have never made ganache before but it was SUPER easy. Melted butter, cream and chocolate chips. It smelled like hot coco!
I couldn’t decorate it exactly like the blog, which stunk because I really thought it looked cool how she did it, but my improvised version isn’t too bad.
What I did make that turned out perfectly was the Valentine’s Day card. I made it while everything was baking. SUPER CUTE and easy!!!
I also did a red velvet cake from Paula Deen. It wasn’t really red because I didn’t have any red food dye, but really, it’s doesn’t matter as long as it tastes good and it’s Paula Deen, y’all! You know this is gonna be decadent!!!
OK I was really good and didn’t have any cookie dough, or ganache. I taste tested the cake batter because it called for vinegar and wanted to make sure it wasn’t salad-y before I baked it but I did have one big finger full of frosting. My total weakness in life. It was SUPER yummy, cream cheese, marshmallow, butter and powdered sugar. Y’all….mmmm.
Cake Sandwich
Not quite the 7 luscious layers of the world famous baker, Fred Mertz, but it works.
A baking job well done and I don’t even feel sick from too much dough eating because I didn’t have any. 9 year old me would be shocked!
(By the way, for anyone who’s nosey, the cookie goes to Eddie, Maybelline’s blog about Smith’s got me motivated for that, even though I’m nothing compared to God’s Bakery. The cake and card go to my roommate.)



2 Responses to “Decadent Y’all.”

  1. MAYBELLINE February 15, 2010 at 3:58 AM #

    >Fred's cake would have been easier; but not nearly as delicious.

  2. Anonymous May 7, 2010 at 9:27 AM #

    >Sweet fucking Christ you have put on a shitload of weight!!!! Look at those thighs in the 'getting my hur did' post, I'd say cottage cheese… but that would be insulting to cottage cheese everywhere. Goat cheese perhaps? Don't get me started on those cheeks either, Winter is over, no need to save food anymore in em deary. I digress. Seriously though… walk, run, do squats, a thigh-master, something, anything would do at this point. You used to be quite the dish, now you're just becoming 'that fat redheaded fag-hag with an unhealthy cat relationship', and that is not you!!!PLEASE OH PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!

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