Marty!! We’ve got to go back!!

13 Apr
They had style, they had grace

So…I got to Hollywood Blvd. early for my class tonight and decided to wander around. It was daylight so I was safer than it being at night. I’ve walked past this theater and it always makes me sad. Clearly it once was a really neat theater and now it’s all boarded up. I did a little research and found out that this spot is apparently very haunted because in 1901 it was an elementary school that burnt down killing 25 kids and a teacher. The theater was built in 1936 and was in use until 1995. There are a lot of neat old buildings on Hollywood Blvd. that, in a past life would have been some really swingin’, happening places. It reminded me of Back to the Future. How things were once awesome and now they are all dirty and scary because people are all buttholes now.

Ice, Ice Baby
As I went about my little adventure to look into the past I really found one from my family’s past. Jack Warner was the ice boy to my Great-Great Grandpa Abraham Goldberg. Jack apparently asked Ab if he wanted to go into the Nickelodeon (WAY before it was the name of a cable network) business with him and my stupid Great-Great Grandpa said, “I’ve got enough money.” What an un-Jewish answer…they can NEVER have enough money!!!
Walk like an…
One landmark that has not turned to rubble was the Egyptian Theater. It open in 1922, just a month before King Tut’s tomb was discovered  and was built, in my opinion, in a much more opulent manner than Grauman’s Chinese just down the street.
See the pyramids along the Nile…
This doesn’t even lead anywhere! Now that’s crazy money!!
Slide your feet up the street bend your back…
Near the glass doors they have a schedule posted with all the movies they are playing for the month listed. On May 1st they are playing all three Back to the Future movies. I’m like a psychic! I text Harry to tell him he should come for a visit to watch all three…apparently there is suppose to be a special guest at the end of the showing. Maybe it’ll be someone awesome like Doc Brown or someone less awesome like Bliff, either way that’s cool.
I walk down the lane, with a happy refrain…
I couldn’t get any closer to this building but it was really pretty and had a lot of detail. I wonder what it once was? Now it’s stuck next to these two crappy souvenir shops. Poor little building.
Shoobie, Doobie, Doo…
I didn’t know THIS place is the oldest Italian place in Hollywood since 1949. If they drove all the other Italian places out of town they did a bad job because Musso and Franks serves Italian and as been around since 1919. Someone needs to fix their sign but that mosaic is pretty cool.
While walking down to Grauman’s Chinese I saw a girl flip out when she came across Marilyn Monroe’s star on the Walk of Fame. She yelled and then kissed her hand and touched the ground. Maybe she thinks these people are buried under the stars, I don’t know, but it was gross.
The Lady, She’s a Tramp…
I wear the same shoe size as Sinatra. We could do a Tootsie like movie together where he borrows all my clothes…hilarious!
You Made Me Love You, I Didn’t Wanna Do It…
Why does Gable’s prints have a brass boarder? Did Lucy and Ethel try and steal this one too??
Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame reminds me of my crazy Grandma M. And my feet are WAY bigger than ol’ Roz’s tootsies.
I had to hoof it back to my class down the street but I did have a fun little adventure in only an hour before class.

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  1. MAYBELLINE April 13, 2010 at 3:01 PM #

    >Excellent post.This is a perfect way to show off your pedicure.I gotta make like a tree and get outta here.

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