That’s Entertainment: A Star Is Born (ME!!)

7 May
Named after Teddy Badass Roosevelt
So…I went to the first TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood as a birthday present to myself. I was supposed to go to Vegas, but plans fell through and this turned out to be the best choice. The first day turned out to be a longggg day for me. I had to get up and get my dress from the tailor and go pick up my tickets to the festival, I was hemorrhaging money all day long! But I paid to go see the re-premire of Judy Garland’s ‘A Star Is Born.’ WORTH IT!!
As I left the hotel to go beautify I was stopped by TCM to be interviewed. I was wearing my HUGE Jackie O sunglasses and they asked me to removed them. I lifted them up and said, “I’m not wearing any makeup, these are staying on.” I was interviewed for about 10 minutes and ended up seeing that film crew at almost every event I went to, so we became pals.
Gettin’ my hur did

I drove down to the DNA Salon on Beverly and saw Meredith Morris, who’s AWESOME. She did my up do from photos I brought in of Joan from Mad Men and it was perfect. Then Rada Maksimovich did my make-up, very peachy and 60’s ish.

Back of my ‘do
I got into my dress and drove to Grauman’s, very jittery about my first red carpet…anything! I played “I’m the Greatest Star,” from Funny Girl to pump myself up. Oh and did I mention I was in 5 inch heels, please God, don’t let me fall! I watched a how to walk in heels video from Oprah that really helped me.
Eli Wallach
There were two red carpets, one for the real stars .

And one for the no bodies who paid BANK to come were shooed inside like schoolkids late from recess. They could of at least had someone taking photos of us for fun!

In the lobby they had a few costumes from Judy Garland’s various films scattered around.
The screen was HUGE

I went to see if I needed to sit down yet and since I was alone I figured I could sit where ever and stood in the lobby to watch the stars come off the red carpet. I saw Eli Wallach come in and two ladies in matching ruffly peach outfits (I later found out one of them was Ann Rutherford, Scarlet O’Hara’s little sister!! WHAT!!) I saw some people that I knew but didn’t know their names, because they were newer stars and then it happened, Alec Baldwin walked in.

To the surprise of myself mostly, I was very composed. He beelined to the popcorn counter and grabbed some treats and there were some skinny mousy girl, not dressed up and had her hair in a messy bun with him. They were not affectionate, but I still didn’t care for her. He went to his seat so I figured I better find one myself. This old lady asked me if I worked there and while explaining that I didn’t to her I heard in the back of my left eara deep gravely, ” Excuse me.”  I said, “Oh, pardon me.” (How the hell was I so composed while dealing with my idea of perfection?!) He sat down, I found a seat that, oddly enough, was 7 seats away from Mr. Baldwin and nestled in between two of the most ignorant people I’ve ever met. This is what I felt like inside though,

Yes, the furthest ear is him.

Robert Osborne went up and spoke and got Alec Baldwin to come up with him ala The Essentials. I learned how to figure out the video aspect of my camera FAST!

Before the movie there was footage from the original premiere down the street at the Pantage. Lucy and Desi, Lauren Bacall and a bunch of others were interviewed and people clapped when each one came on screen. Dummy #1 to my right was there with her boyfriend, who could have saved himself $599 and left her at home to watch Gossip Girl, asked why people were clapping, those people weren’t really there. I was clapping because I was exciting to see my favorite stars alive again on the big screen and for, oh, respect!

The movie began and it was wonderful. This song really stuck out to me:

(The bottom take is what was used.) It was one of the most perfect songs to see on a HUGE silver screen and made me truly appreciate movies as they should be seen as well as how Judy Garland should be seen. She seems to be one of those shoved down your throat like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn but on the big screen with a loud soundtrack and passion behind the words, I GOT why she was/is so great. And yes I did tear up. Youtube doesn’t do the song justice, it was wonderful.


1.a short interval between the acts of a play or parts of a public performance, usually a period of approximately 10 or 15 minutes, allowing the performers and audience a rest.

Dummy #1 asks what is an intermission. I told her. She responded, “I don’t know what else could be in the movie, it seems like it’s done.” I tell her, “Well, it’s not, you have about 1.5 hrs left so you better get up.” Please, go away and die because you are worthless were my thoughts. She went to get gummy bears which she smacked loudly and left the wrapper on the ground, PIG! Dummy #2 on my left asked what was restored in the movie. The audio track is all there but there are stills in black and white that were recovered from the cut scenes that we got to watch as we heard the audio, that was the restored part, which Robert Osborne, talked about, at length, had he listened!!

The movie ended and I see Dreamboat getting up and out before the lights are up so I scooted outside as well. He’s walking around to get in the car, Boring McYawn is already in the car, and I say, “Pardon me Mr. Baldwin.” He looked up and I walked out into the street to show I meant business. “I find you terribly fascinating,” he loved that, “If you ever want to steal John Wayne’s footprints…” And he laughed took my number and said ,” ok, thank you.” That was a reference to an ‘I Love Lucy’ episode and if you’ve never seen it, you’re welcome.

I then walked over to Club TCM, because I didn’t pay $1,000 extra to go to the Vanity Fair party (NEXT YEAR!!!), and bought myself a $4.99 Diet Coke. I met up with two really nice girls I had seen at the premire who were dressed cute.

Me, Carley and Amber
They left early and I went in and ran into one of the guys that had interviewed me earlier that day and I can’t remember his name but we had a nice long talk. I’m horrible with names!!
The Essenstials Set
We parted and I went home around midnight because I had to be back in Hollywood the next day at 9AM to see ‘The Bad and the Beautiful.”
To be continued….

4 Responses to “That’s Entertainment: A Star Is Born (ME!!)”

  1. MAYBELLINE May 7, 2010 at 6:52 PM #

    >What the heck happened to one of my comments?!Nonetheless.I love the photo at the salon catching all the action.

  2. MAYBELLINE May 8, 2010 at 3:31 AM #

    >Too bad you didn't have a pie on hand. That clip still cracks me up.

  3. MAYBELLINE May 8, 2010 at 3:37 AM #

    >I believe I like the middle (brown) take. Although it's pretty cool seeing all the choices.

  4. Mickey May 8, 2010 at 7:48 PM #

    >I WILL be in touch with YOUR mother, to further add to her mounting shame.You are not a man, you are a sniveling little momma's boy with a serious Napoleon Complex. (And I AIN'T referring to your height, "Pigtail.")As for ME, Mr. Garcia; I am NOBODY'S Mommy. I am an ill-mannered, short-tempered and easily aggravated young man who is well versed in the fine art of breaking bones and mangling faces, even one as ugly as yours.I now know where you live; I also know where you work. If you enjoy walking upright and are fond of your kneecaps, you cease and desist immediately.If you persist, you will have SO MUCH more to regret than the bad life-choices you have made to date. BELIEVE that; your health and well being depends on it. You have been warned."

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