That’s Entertainment: Hail Caesar

7 May
So…I went to the 9AM showing of ‘The Bad and The Beautiful’ at Grauman’s 6, which I found is hidden and is pretty much a a normal cinema. But at 9AM I just wanted caffeine. I saw my film crew friends again at this event because Robert Osborne was there interviewing Cheryl Crane, Lana Turners daughter…yes the one that may have killed Lana’s boyfriend.
The movie was good, but I had to leave an hour before the end because I had to make it to Mel Brooks’ Walk of Fame ceremony.
The ceremony was packed and included a stinky hobo with matching stinky trash bag. Ugh. I saw my Writing 1 teacher there, Ira Miller, the the tall man next to the glowing angel of botox and the man in sunglasses.
There were tree cutting guys across the street that Mel Brooks yelled at and told to watch out for the birds’ nests. He was super funny through out the ceremony and Carl Reiner was there and spoke.
(Sorry it’s sideways, if I fixed it, it wouldn’t upload to youtube, whatever, the audio is the best part.)

The real press got better footage of the ceremony and I’m barely in the last bit of this video, trying to take a photo in the top right with my huge sunglasses on.

I walked back to the Roosevelt to grab something to eat. There’s a diner in the front called 25 degrees and it’s always p-poppin’ so I ate at the counter. I sat next to a very chatty, and nice, gay dude who had worked with Robert Osborne at the Hollywood Reporter years ago. Then a girl with a laptop sat down next to me and we chatted for a bit. She said she was from Vanity Fair and asked if she could interview me, of course!! So we talked about why there’s a lack of young people here (that was a very commonly asked question to me) , why I like old movies, etc. And I ended up making in Vanity Fair.!!  NEAT-O!!
I did enjoy a great burger which I couldn’t even finish!
After lunch I went to Club TCM to relax before I went to see ‘The Producers’ at Grauman’s.
Had TCM photographer not of walked by taking photos, I would have taken a nap here. I was full, very sleepy and little did I know, sun burnt, fun! I met a mother and daughter (both older than me) and chatted with them until I went across the street.
I was in the second row because I wanted to be super close while Mel was being interviewed. TCM photographer finds me again!
I was pretty close but these old crones next to me told me there was no photography allowed, there was an announcement! Guess what you weathered old witch, EVERYONE else is taking photos. I didn’t care for those two me-maws. Someone almost as annoying was the interviewer from Vanity Fair. He was very nervous and didn’t laugh when things were funny and I’m sure Mel Brooks was thinking, “Who the hell is this guy?” He also looked like Buster Bluth from ‘Arrested Development,’ just like him.
“Hey Brother!”
After the interview I moved back to a seat on the side of the theater and out of the wings, in the empty row in front of me is MEL BROOKS. Holy crap. I didn’t talk to him because I thought that would be rude, but I was super close to him. He left after the beginning of the film.
After the movie I went back to the Club and talked to a 19 year old guy from UCSB, Kevin, who’s studying film and wants to direct. He was very interesting and knew a lot of about movies, hopefully I’ll see him next year.  I decided to leave after that and not go see ‘Top Hat’ because I am not a big Fred Astaire fan and I was super tired.
Here are some shots of Club TCM.
A screen which played a loop of dancing (and swimming) numbers from movies. It was muted because there was other music played in the club.
The dance floor had chairs on it and the bar is in the background.
To Be Continued…

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