That’s Entertainment: Plastics

13 May
My new found love of Anne Bancroft begins.
So…I was draggin’ in the morning and did NOT wake up for the 9AM viewing of ‘Sunset Boulevard.’ I was not ready for my close up Mr. DeMille. I arrived for the showing of Joan Crawford’s home movies which spanned from about 1938-1942-ish. They were nearly all in color but they were silent. I really enjoyed them and I was about 1 of only 500 people that have ever seen them. Her grandson, Casey, hosted the showing. He is NOT Christina’s son and has never met her and said that he nor his mother, Cathy, thought that movie/book was an accurate depiction of Joan.
A really great shot of Joan hunting in the woods.
Joan and Christina sunbathing (NUDE!) It was adorable. Everything that was shown of Joan interacting with Christina was super cute. Christina was crazy and I’m glad that Joan’s grandson is trying to restore her reputation.
Filmed in Shafter, CA. Not Indiana.
The first film of the day was ‘North by Northwest.’ It was PACKED!! Robert Osborne was there interviewing Martin Landau and Eva Marie Saint before the film. Martin Landau looks like a really nice old dude…until you watch the movie and he’s creepy as hell!! Also, was he gay? It’s a legitimate question because I learned that Tony Curtis dabbled in men…and animals!!!AHHHH!!!! Any who, I had never seen the movie all the way because it’s ALWAYS shown in Bakersfield because the famous plane scene was filmed in Shafter, about 20 minutes away. And here’s a little tidbit for you, the man that flew the plane was my Grandma’s neighbor. Fact.
I am glad I hadn’t seen it all the way through because it was REALLY good on the big screen. Also, this was the third movie I had noticed James Mason in during the festival. What was that all about? He is one creepy dude.
Up next, another funny person put in an interview with Buster Bluth. Buck Henry was there for ‘The Graduate.’ He wrote the screen play for the movie and is also Liz Lemon’s dad on 30 Rock. He was very funny, even with Buster Bluth.
The movie was great and I now want to see more movies that Anne Bancroft was in.
After the movie I went back across to Club TCM and met up with Carley for a bit before I drove my tired self home.
I will for sure go to the Festival next year but the things I will do differently are 1: buy the best ticket and 2: get a hotel so I can take naps in the afternoon, driving back and forth was no bueno!

4 Responses to “That’s Entertainment: Plastics”

  1. MAYBELLINE May 13, 2010 at 2:43 PM #

    >Excellent tour.One edit – The flight scene was filmed just west of Wasco. Please don't take away their claim to fame. The plane flew out of Shafter's Minter Field.

  2. L May 13, 2010 at 7:36 PM #

    >Oh no, so west of Shafter. Does it have a name?

  3. MAYBELLINE May 16, 2010 at 4:28 AM #

    >I was wrong about one detail. The plane flew out of Wasco Airport. Scandal.

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