She’s a my birthday too!!

14 May
So…I had my birthday which, up until the day of had been perfect. But God knew nothing can be perfect for me, not yet at least. I woke up to find out that my car needed to go into the shop and $600 later it was fixed. UGH, thanks God!! The day before I had gone to Bakersfield to visit family. I went to visit my Grandma in Wasco and had a really nice “dinner” served promptly at noon followed by “million dollar cake.” It was all very good and the visit was great because I got to tell her all about the TCM Festival.
I had Smith’s frosting cake with Mom, Dad, Uncle David, Allen and Granny later that night. And I also got to find out that both of my grandmothers have a thing for James Mason’s voice…I don’t think I cared to know that.
I drove home, woke up wanting to go run errands and found out, nope, I get to go to Ford. Blah. Tasha and I still went to Mastro’s for a really nice birthday dinner in Newport. She’d never been and I think she liked it, I of course, loved it.
Super cute photo of Tasha (Or as my Scottish Granny calls her “Tinnie Bash.”)
Their drinks are fabulous. Tasha had wine. I’ll take her word that it was good since I’m not a wine-o.
I had my favorite, a Lemon Drop with dry ice. The smokey affect is impressive when it’s served.
I had a KC Rib Eye, a very fine choice of meat I will say. It was like butta. Tasha had the fillet mignon and we shared the gorgonzola mac and cheese and 1lb baked potato…I had never seen one so big!! Fantastic dinner and I was very happy to go out with a great friend and get dressed up for a fancy-schmancy dinner. I ended the evening watching ‘It’s Complicated’ like the 80 year old woman I really am.
That Friday night Cassie came down to visit, which almost never happens so it was a big deal. We went to the Getty Saturday afternoon to see the DaVinci exhibit which was…annoying. Since I never have Saturdays off I forgot that the masses go out then and I hate being with the masses and their devil children. There were WAY too many strollers at the Getty. Children, especially those that are messy and can’t walk well should NOT be anywhere near FINE art. Stay home. The exhibit itself was mainly sketches which needed to be viewed through magnifying glasses, and with all the people crammed into those rooms, it just wasn’t great. Thank God there was more stuff to look at!!
I came across this painting of a Spanish woman. It was very vibrant and I was impressed with how HUGE it was…I’m a size queen.
This was a basin depicting Cleopatra’s life. If you can see there are swords and sharp crap popping out everywhere, I would not be washing my face in this at all!!
This was a table which I found to be very creepy. I mean you’re eating your dinner and you look down and there are all these faces smiling at you like they’re saying, “Hey, thanks for the nice view.”
Me and Mr. Bojangles a few lives ago.
Squinty!! It was super bright that day.
Me, “Harry” and Cassie
After almost a year and half of not seeing each other my “Harry” came and met us for Brazilian food at Fogo de Chao in Beverly Hills.  And do I know my friends or what because they both LOVED this place. Cassie said it was like having your best friends keep coming by the table to ask if you’d like some more meat. It really is like that, they have 16 different kinds of meat there and a great salad bar and a great bar (Thin Mint cookie shots!!!) It was great and ever the classy guy, Harry picked up the tab!! Now THAT was nice.
Notice how Harry is the only one that looks blissful, while the girls are bordering on pain.
After dinner we all went back to my apartment and talk, talk, talked until 3 AM. It was a VERY good time and I really appreciated them driving down to see me because it’s a 2.5 and 5 hours trip for them. YIKES! Over all a really awesome birthday and if you didn’t get my reference, it is, yet again, an ‘I Love Lucy’ one. Educate yo’ self!

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  1. MAYBELLINE May 14, 2010 at 5:57 PM #

    >Excellent post.Tinnie Bash does look great.Glad everyone had a nice time.

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