Brain Turd

5 Jul

So…do bad things come in threes or is it only celebrity deaths? I hope, for my sake, that it’s both because I feel like the rabbit that got it’s foot chopped off, unlucky! In less than 2 weeks I’ve had MAJOR roommate crap to deal with, my writing class (the most enjoyable thing I’ve got going for myself right now) was postponed and I got rear ended going to work. BLERGH!!! I know everything happens for a reason but does it all have to happen at once?! I hope Karma is real because I should be getting something better than a free cookie back!

I love dishing out a good insult. Not something simple, a good insult is an art and not everyone can do it. This montage is how I feel about one of my crappy situations. It is a masterpiece.

I did go see ‘Get Him To The Greek.’ I had watched ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ (Get Him To The Greek is kind of a sequel to that movie)which I thought was okay, but the Greek movie was surprisingly funny. All the main characters were really good and I laughed a lot, which I needed. Toy Story 3 is still my pick for the summer full of underwhelming movies.

This July Fourth at ‘The Happiest Place in Hell’ almost turned me into a full blown racist, almost. I had about 10 separate LARGE parties of middle eastern people and their devil spawn. I don’t think I’ve met any bossier children than these middle eastern kids. A**HOLES! Someone needs to civilize them and teach them some manners because they are atrocious. Getting bossed around by them on MY COUNTRY’S holiday was ironic and pissed me off. I was yelling horrible things in the back when I refilled their bread basket SIX times. I am exhausted and didn’t even get a hot dog, damn it!

This entry is titled Brain Turd because it’s very random, as if my brain took a turd.


One Response to “Brain Turd”

  1. MAYBELLINE July 7, 2010 at 4:45 AM #

    >Well at least this variety will not block up the sewer system. Always a silver lining.

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