Like a Big Stick of Buttah

18 Aug
Not really buttah, more like Country Crock.

So…who told Jennifer Aniston she was funny? I think some of her movies are cute, she’s a likeable person because she’s been a victim of a crazy whore so you can’t really hate her. When I think of her, I never think, ‘Wow, what a hilarious comedienne.’ And the fact that she’s being touted in Hollywood as a funny lady annoys me.

Oy! I’m getting all verklempt.

Then I pick up this month’s Harper’s Bazzar and see she’s channeling her inner Barbara Streisand. I’m like Linda Ritchman, I love me some Streisand and I also love me some Fanny Brice. I think if I get when I start my Grey Gardens-esque collection of cats I’ll name one Fanny Brice. ‘Funny Girl’ is one of my favorite movies. It is a cautionary tale for funny girls who work their butts off to not get involved with/become the meal ticket of a gorgeous man . (“Though I may be all wrong for the guy, I’m good for a laugh.” I know Barbara, I know.) If Jennifer Aniston were funny, I would think she was relating to this, but she’s not.

Sperm Bank Rejects

On top of that, Bill O’Reilly has been shooting his mouth off because of Aniston’s comments about not needing a man to have a baby/publicity for another movie where she plays herself. Normally I don’t care about people having babies but I’ve been reading comments on the interwebs about this feud and it reaffirms my belief that people are idiots. Too many people think that just because she’s a celebrity she will automatically be a superstar parent. Why? Because she can buy the brat everything it wants. Did no one else watch ‘Mommie Dearest?’ Just because your child gets a pony doesn’t mean it won’t ruin your reputation with a horrible book after your death…or that you won’t beat the hell out of it with a wire hanger!

You’ve got some balls Aniston, thinking you are good enough to be Barbara. Babs didn’t need a random sperm donor to have a kids…I’m just sayin’.

Talk amongst yourselves.


2 Responses to “Like a Big Stick of Buttah”

  1. MAYBELLINE August 18, 2010 at 12:59 PM #

    >I'm with O'Reilly on this one. A man is invaluable in raising a child. Think of your father, grandfathers, and uncles. They have all added to how you are. Ms. Anniston may not be funny; but she certainly is no biologist. Flash! It does take a man (and a woman) to have a baby. Perhaps her point of view comes from the fact that celebrities may view themselves as God(dess) like. The notion that men are not necessary usually comes from someone that doesn't have one.I'm just saying.

  2. MAYBELLINE August 18, 2010 at 6:49 PM #

    >PS… I think "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" works better than "Country Crock".

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