Love, Love, Me Do

19 Aug
So…I read this article on The Frisky (thank you for making me addicted to that website Heather) about how it’s Love Yourself Week, no not the dirty way, sickos. Even though it seems like a super hippie dippie idea, I’m going to attempt to write 30 things I love about myself. And since I’m not an arrogant ass, this is like torture for me, so please keep that in mind while reading this.

1. I love that I enjoy learning super random facts. I will kick butt on any Trivial Pursuit team.
2. I’m not afraid to embarrass myself. (Getting pooed on by my cat during 1st grade show and tell cured me of that!)
3. I’m always early.
4. That I remember weird crap from being really little. (Do you remember when we sang “Hello Mommy/Daddy” to the tune of “Hello Dolly” in kindergarten Mom or Cassie? Because I do.)
5. I’m super close with my grandparents.
6. That I enjoy my own company.
7. When asked, “Do you like Christmas?” I can say it’s my middle name! (In French)
8. That I once wrote to Santa and told him how to make the magic carpet I wanted. (A rug attached to a car battery.)
9.I am an amazing gift wrapper. I could wrap a turd and make it look like it belongs at Nordstrom.
10. I watch classic movies, on purpose, a lot.
11. I’ve never done drugs.
12. I pretty much have ‘Back to The Future’ memorized.
13. I’m honest, sometimes too much so.
14. I can pull off HUGE hair. I can’t wait to be old and rock it every day and not just on special occasions!
15. That I have a great sense of humor.
16. I’m very loyal.
17. I’m a pretty good knitter.
18. That I won’t dumb myself down for anyone.
19. That I sleep like a rock.
20. Weird stuff always happens to me…so I always have the best stories!
21. I enjoy being a girl.
22. I have more songs by Sinatra on my iPod than any other artist.
23. I am passionate about things I enjoy. (Who else gets into an argument about Teddy Roosevelt?)
24. I’m a very hard worker…maybe too hard sometimes.
25. I have a great memory.
26. I have a pretty good knowledge of ‘I Love Lucy’ and make a great Lucy for Halloween!
27. I find the best deals when I go shopping.
28. I am a good driver. I’ve never gotten a ticket.
29. I can express myself well in writing…in person, meh.
30. I’m a very thoughtful person.

Give it a try, it really is harder than you think. It’s groovy, cat, real groovy…that’s what hippies talk like, right?

Also I am the Curmudgeon of the Week, so check out my interview!!


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