27 Aug
Yes, I have the hots for guys that have been dead for over 40 years. Deal with it.
So…I went out to dinner with my friend Andrea from my writing class. It was in Culver City and since I am actually an 80 year old woman I knew that is where all the old (when movies were good) studios were located. I parked above a Trader Joe’s/Honda dealership and we walked across to the cantina. I saw this plantation-y looking building. With what I knew about the area, I had a hunch that it was Selznick’s Studio (Later Desilu, yes, as in I Love Lucy) but it could be a mortuary.
That’s what mortuaries look like in Bakersfield because when you die you’re going to a “plantation in the sky.” (Insert horribly racist comment here.)
We finally walked over and it said Culver Studios, which means nothing to me. We finally stumbled across a plaque that said it was in fact the studio I thought it was…being right never gets old. I had to keep my nerdiness to a minimum because Andrea isn’t as big of an old movie person as I am but inside I was freaking out!!! Clark Gable used to come to work here and not just to film any movie, my favorite movie ever, Gone With The Wind. AHHHH!! Not only that but Lucille Ball used to work here! Double AHHHH!!I’ve wanted to see this place ever since I saw GWTW when I was 12. To me, they are both like gods and to be somewhere they both were turned me into a super geek.
Yes, the Dad from ‘Richie Rich’ plays Hearst. Clearly he gets type cast as awesome, old, rich dudes.
An ironic tidbit from that day; I came home and got “The Cat’s Meow” in the mail from Netflix. It’s about the murder of Thomas Ince, who built that very studio. The movie was really good, Eddie Izzard played a very good Charlie Chaplin and movie had to do with a scandal involving our old friend, Baller Status Hearst himself. I definitely recommend seeing that movie, it’s not boring because it’s all about a gossipy scandal…well when scandals could ruin a career. I wish that were still the case because then we wouldn’t have to hear about stupid Lindsey Lohan anymore!!

One Response to “NERD ALERT”

  1. MAYBELLINE August 27, 2010 at 8:34 PM #

    >I thought all funeral parlors looked like this. Am I wrong?

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