Let Me Entertain You

25 Sep
Looking for Sea Otters in Cambria.
So…my writing class has started back up again, the first thing to break open the cocoon of hell that was this horrible summer. I couldn’t wait to start up again because I needed something going on in my life that was fun.
After week two of class I was “volunteered” to be in an improv beauty pagent one day before it was to happen!! I have never acted or improved anything, but I figured ‘oh well, I won’t know anyone watching except for my writing friends, so who cares?’ I got my two costumes; one gown and one leisure wear and I was set. I got to Second City and waited around with my Stage Mama,Sasha, until it was time to get ready. The Sassy Gay Friend Show was before the show I was in and it was sold out. So as that show is going on the girls in my show got changed backstage. Before long Brain Gallivan (Sassy Gay Friend) came back and took a look at all of us and points to me and says, “You’re going to win this.” See, gay men can not resist me, even when I’m in costume. Too bad I’m not that irresistable to straight men! All my writing friends came and even one of the new guys from our class came out, which was really nice.
 We go on in our gown looks:
Center Stage
(After my cat pooped on me during show and tell in second grade, nothing embarrasses me anymore…clearly.)
My leisure outfit was this sweet number:
Yes my talent, as choosen by the audience, was tap dancing…that was just dandy!
I didn’t win, but that’s ok because I’m surprised I even did it.  As I was changing an older dude came back  and talked to everyone and after he left I asked one of the girls who he was. Oh, just the owner of all the Second Cities. If I would have known he was in the audience, I would have been super nervous so thank God I had no clue!
With my old lady makeup still on, I drove to Bakersfield to go to Cambria with my Mom and Scottish Granny for her birthday. It’s nice and foggy over there. We had lunch, went to the kniting shop for what  probably felt like an eternity to my Mom, who doesn’t knit, and had a wee sweetie.
The next day I went out to Grandma’s and got a whole bunch of old pictures, my GG’s coffee table and an AWESOME cat ring. Baller Status!
So, things are looking up, my class is going well. But the topper to all the good things is that 30 Rock is back. Yes, I still have a very good relationship with TV and last night’s episode was fantastic. I couldn’t get my favorite clip of Jack seducing a gay man…his tricks would have worked on me, especially the old hand through the hair. Yummers! But here’s my second favorite scene of the night.
We’ll see how long things so well for me. I’m sure I’ll Lemon all this good stuff some how!

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