Some DON’T Like It Hot

28 Sep
So…it was 113 in LA today and what did I decide to do? Walk around in it! I know, I’m a genius. Heather and I went into Burbank for some vintage shopping at Playclothes. I could have stayed there ALL day because they have a ton of coolness there. The first thing that I was drawn to were all their awesome hats. Here’s a mini fashion show….think of fashion show music while you look at these.
It looks like Joan Crawford died on my head.
Smile and say awkward! I loved both of these items.
Very British.
I love hats and would have loved to have bought a few (mostly the fuchsia one) but no one wears hats anymore!! The sales lady tried to get me to buy it but, where am I going to wear a hat? Target? My writing class? I think not.
Nothing says lets try on FUR COATS like 113 degrees!
I do LOVE this coat, but it was $225. Maybe another time…like when I moved somewhere that actually has coat weather!
I ended up getting a cute little apron for myself…yes I wear aprons. Jealous?
We walked down the street to look at other vintage shops and the 2 block walk felt like Satan’s minions were heating up the pavement just for us. And maybe they were because this is what we found.
May this haunt your nightmares!
 We then drove over to Glendale to have Armenian food. I’d never had it before but I was game to try it, so we ate at Raffi’s Place. It was really good. Armenian food is basically kabobs, you can’t go wrong.
We had humus, yogurt, and pita bread to start.
We shared a chicken kabob with pilaf and BBQ-ed tomato. Heather clearly wanted me to hurry up and take the photo so we could eat.
And we finished with an orange and lemon sorbet. Very refreshing in the heat.
We wanted to NOT get stuck in traffic so we went over to check out the Halloween store and Borders instead of sitting in rush hour. I have zero plans for Halloween so far and if I end up doing anything I will make my own costume and not buy one at the costume store. All the little girl costumes seemed to be like sluts in training gear. Whatever happened to weirdo little kid costumes like witches, cats, and scarecrows? The girls that were on the ads for these things looked they should come with the note: WARNING: If your daughter chooses this costume she’ll be pregnant by 16…just like Mommy.
I did find a sweet cut out and forced Heather to snap one last photo of me. Over all, fun, yet hot day off.

2 Responses to “Some DON’T Like It Hot”

  1. MAYBELLINE September 30, 2010 at 2:14 PM #

    >With the recent events in entertainment news and the title of this post I suspect you might be inspired to post your thoughts on Bernard Schwartz.

  2. Surly Scott October 6, 2010 at 3:48 AM #

    >Gold cat? Score!

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