3 Oct
So… I went to the Re-opening of Second City Hollywood today with Heather. It was a long but super fun day. We saw two shows, the first being The Sassy Gay Friend Show. If you don’t know who that is, educate yo’ sef.
It is a fantastic show and everyone should see it. Seriously, it’s $10, it’s fun and you could even be in the show…just like ME!! That’s right, I went on stage and Sassy called my friend Cassie (non-intentional rhyme-age)and gave her some funny relationship advice. Brian Gallivan is the guy that is in the show, he is hilarious and told me he would love to see me on a night time soap opera…I’ll take that as an awesomely gay compliment!
One tall drink of water.
 Brian Gallivan and I after his hilarious show.
(By the way, I have 5 inch heels on in this photo too!)
The next show we were going to see didn’t start until 7PM, so we had some time to hang out in the lounge and have some snacks. Unfortunately for me, the only drinks were beer and wine…not really my thing. So I had white wine on the rocks, a la my Grandma.
As we were chatting, Brian came over and introduced me to a dude, Terrance, Trent, Templeton, hell, I don’t know what his name was. Anyway, he knew I was single and was trying to do me a solid…T-bag was nice, but not for me. Thanks for trying Boo.
I also saw Tina VanVleet, who was in the Miss Lady USA improv show with me and is perfection. I had seen her perform before I was in the show with her and she had always stuck out in my mind as one of the funniest people I’d seen on that stage. She commented on how awesome I looked…not being dressed up like a Grandma does wonders for me, I know! (She’s also in a show called THUNDERDOME on Friday nights…since you’ll already be there seeing Sassy, you need to see this chick to. I insist upon it.)
Heather, lounging in the lounge.
We saw the Farley Brother’s podcast (you can listen to it on iTunes, I believe. And I don’t know how to do a link to iTunes, so if you really give a crap, you can figure it out. I’m not the Geek Squad over here.) They were funny and Lex Luthor from Smallville was there and some cute but not funny Aussie chick was there and eventually David Spade’s late ass showed up.
We stayed around to see if we could get into another show. So we kept my girl Sasha company, as she was the bouncer for the VIP lounge. Do not mess with her, she does not mess around! Sasha is in my writing class with me and rains down judgment upon people with her facial expressions. They go a little something like this:
That poor thing had to be there from 9AM to midnight. Damn. She did crack Heather up with all of her stories about weird people she has to put in their places on a daily basis. (Another rhyme…what the hell?)
We went back into the lounge and I was chatting with some dude I know from Second City who is nice but NOT cute and Brian comes up behind the guy and gives me the OK sign and a wink. I made sure to sock him in the arm when he past me a few minutes later. We didn’t get into the show but I did get to tell Brian that although it has been a while since I’ve been on a date (more than a while, but that’s a whole other blog!) I could do better than that hot mess he saw me talking to! Please!
Heather LOVES hot beef, can you tell?
The show was sold out, so we went down to 25 Degrees for yummy hamburgers. We hadn’t had a meal all day, so it was awesome. She was amazed at all the slutty girls that were going to the clubs. I kid you not, she loudly commented on all the whores that were out and about, which as a small town girl, I was sure she was going to get us stabbed. She was amazed at how skanky they were until I told her, “Heather, they know they are slutty, they planned this, they’re out trollin’ for d!ck.”  We have now compromised and call them TFD status, I feel safer that way.
UPDATE 10/4/10: Here are photos of me on stage. I snagged them off Second City’s FB page.

3 Responses to “T.F.D STATUS”

  1. MAYBELLINE October 4, 2010 at 3:58 AM #

    >I've been trying to decide who this guy looks like. David Bowie meets Uncle John.

  2. L October 4, 2010 at 8:25 AM #

    >Yea, he does look like both of them!!

  3. MAYBELLINE October 5, 2010 at 2:17 AM #

    >THAT was an interesting twist on Genisus.

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