Moguls, Movies and The Cold

23 Nov
So…after my class on Thursday I went to The Grove/Farmers Market in LA. TCM is doing a 7 part documentary called Moguls and Movie Stars and there was an exhibit  for 2 days only. All the Christmas stuff was up and it was 75 degrees out, yea, super wintry!
Two of my classmates and I were to met up for lunch at a Brazilian food place. As I walked there I saw that MAC make up was having a huge Scottish makeup event and the little Asian queen in the photo below saw me and made a beeline.
 It was really loud but all I could hear was, “You have great hair,” and he shoved a tartan flower thing (below) in my hand and a booklet. Thanks gay guy.
 I went to the exhibit, which I had been looking forward to ever since I heard about it. It wasn’t very big, but, it was free so I couldn’t really complain. I was interviewed by a TCM employee before I started. She was really nice and I’m sure, was just happy to be talking to someone with out a hearing aide! If you think I’m being mean, I’m not. I was the youngest one there by 60 years and the most mobile. Basically, I was amongst my people.
In between the costumes there were interactive stands that you could look at scripts, watch parts of the documentary series or take quizzes. They had the Oscar from Casablanca there and on one of the screens you could look at Jack Warner’s handwritten address book. I thought that was pretty neat because it had phone numbers how they used to be. (Example: Circle-7-2099)
The outfit Marilyn Monroe wore in ‘Niagara’ was right next to the J. Crew store. I thought it was funny because that outfit (above) is very simple and stylish and it was side by side to a store that thinks it’s giving that to the public, when really, it’s just over priced crap.
Valentino’s outfit from ‘The Sheik’ is almost one hundred years old and was in fantastic shape.
This was what I was the MOST excited about, clearly. It was one of Scarlett O’Hara’s dresses in ‘Gone With The Wind’, my favorite movie of all time and space. (It’s the dress she wore while driving through Shanty Town, not the most glamorous but it was still pretty.) It was a little stained and torn and I read on the plaque in front of it that it was lent out at a Halloween costume!!! Could you imagine getting to wear that to a party! Jeez.
As I left I stumbled across this gaggle of geeks, waiting for the new Harry Potter movie to come out. Look how excited they are to be out of their mom’s basements!
I also saw this cute dog. His master is a total douche who uses him to get chick’s attention. Sorry dog, bite him in the ba-doobies.
I then drove up to where I’m from to see Lisa Lampanelli Live. I was feeling sick but thought I would get over it, HA. (The night before a dirty kid at work coughed DIRECTLY in my mouth as I was taking his table’s order. I Bea Artured those parents SO bad.) I went to the show (I paid for it and yes,I am that much of a tightwad.), but I was in a NyQuil hangover for the rest of the weekend. I would like to thank HBO for having ‘Tootsie’ on nonstop while I in and out of naps on Fridays. That was wonderful.
Me, my best friend Smaptie and her parents before the show.

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