I see dead people…and Conan.

3 Dec
Jeggings Coco? Well…Make it work!
So…I got tickets to see Conan. My rally partner, Mego and Heather accompanied me to the taping at the Warner Bros. Studio on Wednesday afternoon. We were really early so we went across the street to Forrest Lawn Cemetery to see how many dead stars we could see.
View of Burbank from Forrest Lawn.
Mego saw this before I did. I’m not a huge Laurel and Hardy fan, but I do appreciate the fact that his family acknowledge that he was an actor. I found that most celebrities are buttholes and don’t put that part on their headstones. Seriously, your family’s not coming to visit you, the people that paid for the plot you’re in will…make it easier for us.
BALLER STATUS!! Bette Davis’ awesome grave says “She did it the hard way.” Good for her.
I don’t know who this dude was but his nickname probably has a hilarious story involving a bathroom behind it! We also came across a person with the last name of Boocock. That’s just sad.
My future, a headstone with a cat on it.
They were building a new mausoleum. It reminded me of a game of Connect 4 but instead of checkers you use caskets.
“The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me.” The cassette tape on a mountain top was the best thing? Really? I will say this was THE MOST creative headstone I’ve ever seen. And the weirdest.
We went over to Warner’s, parked in the garage there and went to Level 1 to check in with security. We weren’t allowed to take any cameras or phones with us so I will take you on an adventure, with words.

Security consisted of a bag check, metal detector scan, Warner Bro’s photo ID check and two Conan ticket check ins. You could leave and come back after that, but I don’t know the area well so we stayed put. It was like a holding pen/fenced in prison yard that played Weezer. There were plenty of goons for my eyes to feast on. It was like Mom’s across LA were cleaning out their basements and sent their weird hipster kids out into the world for the afternoon. (Example: There was a guy who had a hat on with the bill flipped up and written on the bill was “Low Life.” You didn’t need to tell me guy, I already knew.)
At 2:45 we got into groups and 2×2 walked across the street and into the studio to wait in a queue. I was honestly waiting for them to tell us we were all going to get a shower soon because it was feeling a little concentration camp-esque. We were told to shut up and were walked in small groups, across the studio lot to stage 15, were Conan is taped. Each stage has a plaque that has what films and TV shows have been taped there. I saw one that had held the set of Auntie Mame and A Star is Born and I nerded out a little bit.

 I kept seeing these things.
Star Waggons. They are kind of sad compared to the dressing rooms of old. We got to the stage, we were in row 2, right behind the producer of the show. Awesome! The band played two songs, the warm up guy came out to pump up the crowd, Andy Richter came out then the show began taping. The guests were Joel McHale, Tim Gunn and Cake. I know, awesome line up! It was a really fun taping and we were easy to spot on TV because of my…brightness. Here’s the link to the episode. See if you can find me, or just watch it because it’s funny.
Afterwards we went to the gift shop which was lame town. Disney is still the best at hocking their wears. They didn’t have a single Conan shirt or mug or anything there. But they did have FRIENDS stuff. Yea, that show has been off the air for almost ten years. Come on guys, get your act together because you could actually make money off that store if you did!
We then spent the next TWO hours in traffic. I would go see Conan again for sure, but tip for those that are going to see a taping, get the tickets early and  then go get lunch, or bring a book. I just saved you two hours, you’re welcome.

2 Responses to “I see dead people…and Conan.”

  1. MAYBELLINE December 3, 2010 at 9:49 PM #

    >The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me was a musical hit for Ray Price then Gladys Knight and the Pips in the 1970s. Wish you had an image of the entire headstone so we knew who may have been connected to the song. It seems that "Poddy" Mercer and his wife, Ruby, owned Mercer airlines. Google for more info.

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