The Pied Piper of Whack Jobs

20 Jan
Sandy: No, we are not friends. I don’t take this shit from friends. Only lovers.
I think this needs to be my motto to live by.

So…I have continued my collection of kooks tonight. I had my first screenwriting class at UCLA. I was early and sat down in the hall until the classroom was free. There was another girl waiting and asked everyone in the hall if it was ok if she waited there. I just thought she had never been to college before b/c sitting in a hallway was something I was used to seeing. She was, of course, drawn to me since I produce a pheromone that only weirdos can smell. I don’t even know how to explain her without wasting a whole blog on her. Let’s just say,after 3 hours I wanted to shove my pen in my ear so I didn’t have to listen to her yap. She has the oddest voice, and when we went around the class answering questions she sat right next to me (like I even needed to include that detail!) and I followed her with my answer. I had to try my hardest to NOT mimic her voice b/c it was so ridiculous. It was like this clip but if she got really excited about something it would get really high pitched and she would jut out her bottom teeth and tugged on her ponytail….it was just ghaaaaastly!

And EVERYTHING was about her and how much of a big shot she was at her old job in NYC, followed by some “buzz word ” that made absolutely no sense. For example, “Yes, my tastes are really unique, I go for the armchair, transformation, bittersweet, quirky stories.” What. The. Hell?? You can not just put 4 words together and think that it makes any sort of sense. She went on to tell me she has major social anxiety. I was not surprised in the least bit and I said nothing. What I should have said was, “Move along crazy.” She thought the teacher must think she’s crazy felt like she was taking too many notes because blah, blah, blah…SHOOT ME!

I need to learn how to get this chick AWAY from me. I am not good at being mean but I can’t sit through another 9 weeks of her prattling on about NY and her love of the sunshine…uh and that voice! *Slaps forehead*

The class is interesting. An assignment we had was to list 10 movies we love, why we love them and then 2 sentences summarizing the plot. I thought, “ONLY 10?? From what genre, what time period?” I could have gone on for days, weirdo said she had a hard time coming up with 10. (If you can’t think of 10 movies you love, maybe you shouldn’t be in a film writing class…just a thought.) I decided to give myself a limitation of movies I love because of great writing (not  JUST the music or costumes.) After deep thought, here are my 10.

1. Gone With The Wind
2. Tootsie
3. Auntie Mame
4. Funny Girl
5. When Harry Met Sally
6. Some Like It Hot
7. Back To The Future
8. The Holiday
9. Sabrina
10. Sunset Blvd.

A lot of the people in the class work in “the industry” so I felt like, maybe I was going to be the novice and didn’t know much.

…And then I slapped myself in my stupid face. I don’t know much about  movies?!  Just because I don’t talk like an uppity, self-righteous, douche doesn’t mean I don’t know my stuff.

Others’ choices were: Cohen brother’s movies (“all of ’em are sweet”, oy vey!), ‘The Runaways’, ‘Clueless’ and ‘Stars Wars Episode 3’, yea #3, the crappy one. Our teacher used to work for Sydney Pollack and if you already knew that he was the director of ‘Tootsie’, then you are miles ahead of most people in the class. As a matter of fact, our homework for the week is to watch ‘Tootsie’. Heaven, I’m in Heaven! I will try not to dominate the discussion of the movie next week..try is the key word.


4 Responses to “The Pied Piper of Whack Jobs”

  1. MAYBELLINE January 21, 2011 at 4:35 AM #

    >Dare you to go to class next week dressed as Dorothy Michaels and humming that wacky Stephen Bishop tune. Bet THAT would out "crazy" Ms. crazy.Shocked to see that the Time Traveler's Wife didn't make the cut.

  2. MAYBELLINE January 21, 2011 at 5:48 AM #

    >PS I want some of those Auntie Mame PJs.

  3. Roger January 22, 2011 at 1:04 AM #

    >Aw..I would've totally taken that class with you!


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