The Eyes Have It

28 Jan
Vegan cupcakes—what? No. Just, stop.

So…I had a plan of action this week before driving to UCLA. I knew that if I got there early (which I did), I would sit away from the entire building my class is in and read, then go to class 5 minutes before it started. That seemed to help since I didn’t have to sit directly next to Whack-a-do this time. We had to go around the room sharing our ideas for scripts we wanted to write. Sounds easy? Sure, but we only had 2 sentences in which to get the idea across. Yikes. Some ideas were great,others needed work and others sounded like movies that had already been made. Mine went over well and Crazytown’s was full of…*eye roll*…”buzzwords” Buh!

I only had to deal with chatting during our break. She asked if she should take the train to San Diego or drive. I said drive but she “doesn’t really drive on freeways.” Oh, ok. I don’t know how you have survived in LA for almost a year without doing that, much less successfully walked this planet for 36 years. I am amazed.
She then went on to talk about how “delicious” vegan cupcakes are. Choke yourself for even letting those words come out of your mouth and for being a liar.

We got to discuss Tootsie at length, which was great. Almost as good as being able to eat a piece of cheese…it’s a close call. I thought one of the most interesting parts we talked about was that they didn’t have time for “Tootsie” to get to know Jessica Lange’s character because it would have been too much dialogue, so they picked a woman who you could fall in love with from just one look. Awesome shortcut! And the new 30 Rock episode tonight even had an entire ending dedicated to scenes with just looks. Life wrapped that handy lesson up for me in a Jack Donaghy shaped present!


One Response to “The Eyes Have It”

  1. MightySelbor January 28, 2011 at 10:49 AM #

    >It doesn't stop. Make it. Stop. Please. I think that vegans or others who choose to forgo certain foods should never be able to eat a fake version of normal foods. For example: When you give up meat, it's not fair that you still get to eat a hot dog. Giving up meat means giving up all forms of meat! RIGHT? Leave the hot dogs to the meat eaters.So, if a real cupcake has eggs in it, then leave it to the egg eaters. Stop making vegan stuff out of stuff that's just fine as is. I don't know. Those Morningstar frozen corn dogs are pretty good. Still not fair.

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