A Real Pipperoo

11 Feb
And I thought he would come back as a van…DOWN BY THE RIVER!
So…this was a freakin’ weird week and I’ll tell you what kind of sparked the weirdness. I was reading about random things I’m interested in at 4AM, like any normal person, and I stumbled across this news clip from a few years back.
That is effin’ amazing! I like mystical stuff, but also know that a lot of people don’t buy it, which I get, but this is a little hard to explain away. Two days later ‘The Glenn Miller Story’ came on TV. I’ve seen that movie about a million and one times since I was a kid and thought both stories were similar. (If you don’t know who Glenn Miller was, shame on you, go spend some time at your grandparents’ you ingrate! He pretty much created Big Band dance music…ugh, here’s a song…jeez, I’m like Wikipedia on legs!!)
To make him sound more hip, his song ‘Chattanooga Choo-Choo’ was famously referenced in ‘Young Frankenstein’…and if you haven’t seen that movie, choke yourself.

All this got me to thinking, if little James got reincarnated, what about Glenn Miller? He didn’t have a great death, shouldn’t he get a round two? And don’t think I didn’t look it up! (I didn’t find a thing on that topic, but I did find a lot of conspiracy stories regarding his disappearance.) Then I thought, what about Hitler? Now I have to hope I don’t have a kid who’s unhealthy, a mental defective, an asshole and/or Hitler! Come on! It would be just my luck to have a kid and it ‘d be the reincarnation of Hitler! It opened up a Pandora’s Box of pretty much, unanswerable questions for my mind to feast on. Oh well, I suppose I can sleep another time!

One Response to “A Real Pipperoo”

  1. MAYBELLINE February 11, 2011 at 4:21 PM #

    >The Benny Goodman Story with Steve Allen and Donna Reed is pretty good too.See if you can find Paul Harvey's report on Glenn Miller's death.

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