These are their stories

2 Apr


So…I know what you’re thinking, ‘A post about family trees! BORING.’  Well, you’re wrong…again. You should be used to that by now. I started doing family tree work on and it’s as addicting as potato chips, cookie dough or crack. I think to myself, “I’ll do just one more” and all of a sudden it’s 7AM. I know you don’t believe me when I say this is SUPER interesting, so I’ll prove it to you.

Picture this: It’s 1905 and the place is Missouri. John owns a saloon and his family (wife Minnie and 8 kids)  live next door. One night he is jolted from a peaceful slumber when hears an explosion. He grabs his gun and runs to see what the commotion is.  Looking through the window of his saloon, he see’s that a man has used dynamite to open the saloon vault. “That son of a bitch, ” thinks John, he pulls his gun out and fires. But, he misses the robber. There’s another shot and John falls to the ground in agony, he didn’t know there was another man involved with the robbery. A look out guy has shot John in the left calve. The two robbers steal $1,408 (a butt load of money in 1905) and take off on horse back.

John’s 8 year old son, Lee, watches all of this. Bleeding, John gets back to his house and lays down on the family’s big kitchen table while a doctor is called. After a few days, they have to amputate his leg. After a week of suffering, John dies of his injury.

A few years pass and Minnie remarries a man named Charles and they have a daughter. In 1911, Minnie is dying of Tuberculosis. Before she dies, good ol’ Chuck whispers to her, “I’m the man that killed your husband.” (I KNOW!! What the EFF!! )

The Calm Before the Storm: Look how happy they are. This is one month before John is murdered.

After she dies, Chuckie sells all of John’s property, takes HIS child and leaves the other 8 kids (the super cute ones in the photo above) with NOTHING. What kind of sick bastard could do that to 8 kids??

No one knows what happened to Charles but I’ve watched TOO MUCH ‘Law and Order,’ I’m fully trained it finding douche b’s.  With the angelic Jerry Orbach guiding me in spirit I will find that S.O.B. Yes, I know he’s dead, but in the words of Biff Tannen, “I’m gonna get that son of a bitch.”

John was my great-great grandpa, Lee was my great-grandpa who turned out just fine, no thanks to Charles.

That is just ONE of a the cool stories I’ve come across, what kind of awesome stories are in your family tree?


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