Raiders of the Lost Trunk

3 Apr

So…I knew there were a bunch of old photos at my parents’ and grandparents’ houses and on my days off last week I made it my mission to find them. I thought it would be an easy task–HA!

To my knowledge there were only 4 photos of my great-great grandmother and when I moved out I left them in my night stand, but they had since been moved. My Mom and I looked through every cupboard, closet and chifferobe in the house. She told me about a trunk that was my G.G.’s but “it’s only full of old sheet music” and she didn’t want to dig through it because it was under things and probably surrounded by black widows.

Black widows, I hate black widows.

The trunk was HUGE and hadn’t been opened in decades. After looking through everything else, she gave in and let me crack it open while she held the flash light. I told her not to look directly at it because this might happen to her:

The lid opened and there were no black widows, snakes, mice, or weird Jewish ghosts coming to melt my face off. There was also NO sheet music. Instead there were tons and tons of photos of my great-great grandma Cora that I have never seen before plus letters to her husband and family-JACKPOT!!

My Grandma never knew Cora (who was her grandmother, why not? Well, her story is neat and mysterious and will be told in a later post.) and from the photos of Cora, she thought she must of been sophisticated and boring. After reading  Cora’s letters, that is NOT the case. Good detective work me, Jerry O. would be proud.

It’s Sunday, go look through some old photos and see what you can find, but watch out if you’re opening up old trunks.

Cora at 17 years old: I wish I looked that put together at 17.


3 Responses to “Raiders of the Lost Trunk”

  1. Pat Mann April 4, 2011 at 5:19 PM #

    Have you come across the one in which the father took all his kids (about a dozen) into town to see a circus? He went into a nearby saloon, then upstairs, leaving the kids with a neighbor. He then managed to fall out of the window and died! Leaving mom with all those kids and no means of support!!!!!!


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