Matchmaker, DON’T Make Me A Match

8 Apr

The only matchmaker I'd trust. (Yes, it's Bette Midler.)

So…while in the depths of a horrible shift on Sunday, (a 20+ table section, which included 30 year old men high fiving each other because one of them had just finished reading their “first book ever.” I’ll let that sink in.) one of my managers comes over to me and says, “Here’s BJ’s * number, I told him you’d call him.” BJ is a regular & I work at a place that shouldn’t have regulars (not only because the food is bland but because it’s a tourist spot.) He is an old, fat guy who wear’s stud earrings…another gay dude? I think yes…and if I think yes, then he’s flaming.

I was/am very frustrated with her for doing that, even though she thinks she’s so smart for it.  All I could hear was the phrase my Dad would tell me when I was being an idiot as a child, “Wile E Coyote, SUUUUPER Genius.”

Why did my manager tell him I’d call him?I don’ t know, but it’s NOT because I ever expressed ANY interest in this dude. As a matter of fact, she asked me about him months ago and I politely said, “UGH, I HATE dating.” Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

She said he’s exactly what I go for (a closet case, a loser, a man lacking in good taste?), an older man. That’s the SAME thing as saying I should date someone my own age, even though the only thing we have in common is AGE!

Yes, this is annoying but I’m still optimist about finding a good match–on my own time. I know my perfect guy is out there, he’s someone assertive who can deal with Mr.Bojangles, maybe someone like this:


*Name changed– kind of.



One Response to “Matchmaker, DON’T Make Me A Match”

  1. MAYBELLINE April 8, 2011 at 11:00 PM #

    Manager needs to manage her own business.
    “Don’t be stupid. Be a smarty…”

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