TCM Film Festival Day 3: I’m Going To Get There At Any Price

6 May

Merry Christmas 2011! From Robert & Me.

So…When your day starts off like this, in the arms of a glistening silver angel, you know it’s going to be an over the top kind of day. I got to talk to Robert Osborne again and asked for a photo. I gingerly put my arm on his back and he grabbed me with both arms and gave me the biggest squeeze. I hope the expression on my face accurately portrays the shock and happiness that was zipping through my brain. After he released me from my hug/blessing he told me, “There’s your Christmas card.” I think I responded with, “Uhhhh huhh.” “Make sure to go to ‘All About Eve,” were his words of wisdom as he parted.

I should mention that at this breakfast I met another member of the Friends of the Friendless. If I’m the Dorthy of the group, then Alan would be the Scarecrow (not because he needs a brain-he’s very smart- it’s because I met him first, it makes sense!) and Adler would be the Tin Man. Adler (I love that name, don’t you? If you don’t, you probably have horrible taste.) is from New York and knows EVERYTHING about movies. He also told me he used to write to Olivia De Havilland and she would WRITE BACK! Holy crap! He has great stories and I could listen to him gab forever.

"Arabian days, More often than not, Are hotter than hot, In a lot of good ways."-Arabian Nights Song. Robert Osborne at Peter O'Toole's Cement Ceremony.

We three headed over to Grauman’s to see Peter O’Toole be immortalized in cement. He is 79 and his voice is booming! I had never seen one of these ceremonies before and since there are only about 200, it’s not very common.

The afternoon sun was warm on my ghost like skin, so we sat in the shade by the pool at the Roosevelt and had a few drinks. After a while we decided we’d better go if we wanted to make it to ‘All About Eve.’ I bought us some popcorn since we’d been drinking and between this movie and ‘Reds,’ I knew dinner was a loooong ways away. Walking to the top of the theater I stopped and looked up to see Alec Baldwin. Robert Osborne was right, going to see ‘All About Eve’ was a smart choice. Anyway, we ended up sitting 2 rows behind him. He looked magnificent.

Margo Channing was correct about the evening. Midway through the movie I needed to use the ladies room, I walked out the door and there he was again! I tried not to take a header down the stairs as he stood above, watching me descend the staircase, like God. Alec was still there when I returned…but was on the phone, so I didn’t have to make some lame ass attempted at a snappy greeting.

Out of any movie I saw the entire weekend, ‘All About Eve’ was the best. I’ve seen it a ton, I even wrote a sketch when I was at Second City based on it. Apparently a lot of people had not seen it, so to hear their reactions  to the dialogue was fantastic! If you haven’t seen it, go do it, I’ll wait.

Did you watch it? Good, now I’ll tell you about ‘Reds,’ a 3+ hour movie that JACKED my schedule for the entire day. If they would have chosen a shorter film, I could have seen: ‘The Parent Trap’ (With Haley Mills discussion), ‘Citizen Kane’ (with my relative Gregg Toland behind the camera, HOLLER!!), or ‘Carousel.’   The discussion between Baldwin and Beatty was changed to the end of the movie, probably because no one would have stayed to watch that marathon of a movie had the discussion been in the beginning! Alan was nice enough to sit in the front row with me. God bless him, 3hrs in the front row was rough.

No Cameras...LAMETOWN. (Not my photo)

After the movie, a guy from TCM announced NO PHOTOS, if you took any, security would remove you. What the frick? It wasn’t from Alec because he was letting people snap his photo earlier, it was old man Beatty. What’s the deal Warren, you can’t stand not being super hot anymore? It happens dude…unless you’re Debbie Reynolds.

So the two gentlemen came down and Alec started asking questions, all of which were ones the audience would love to hear the answers to. Unfortunately Beatty can not give a clear answer to save his freakin’ life. After one lengthy, confusing response, Alec points to me (I sat directly in front of his chair) and asks, “Ya got that?” I winked and said, “Got it.” Fortunately for me (?) I speak nut job, so I knew what Warren meant. After a while Alec opened it up for audience questions, there was a rumble in the crowd. We were not used to such freedom and didn’t know what to think of it. Some men asked Beatty a few questions and just so you don’t think I’m being too hard on him, this was his answer to the question, “When are you going to make another movie?”

“There’s a point where this little thing called life (happens). I have an 11-year-old, a 14-year-old, a 16-year-old and now a just turned 19-year-old. With each one of them, I feel that I have four small Middle Eastern countries I  have to negotiate with. Each one of them is more interesting than five movies. But I’m going to make another movie. In fact I might make several. It might be better I get out of their way.”-Warren Beatty

Wow. Seriously? We ALL have lives and a lot of people have kids that they would love to see instead of spending time at their lame jobs. But as Sinatra said, “That’s life,” something you don’t know much about. NOT the best choice of words in the middle of a recession, jag!

After that, Alec said, “Do any women want to ask him a question?” My hand shot straight up. Did I know what I was going to ask. HA! Of course not. A few other women get picked, including a chick right behind me. Out of the corner of my eye I see a TCM guy make a wrap it up hand gesture. Then, Alec points to me and mouths, “You’re next, ” to which I responded with a wink. (I’ve winked twice already—I never wink, what the heck?) Still not a clue to what I’m going to ask this blow hard, when out of my mouth comes,

“Who do you wish you’d had the chance to work with that you either couldn’t or didn’t get to?”

“Well, I’ve been in the business a long time.”

(Since I’m front row, I think he’s talking to me and I forget that there are 650 OTHER people behind me.) I say, “No, go on!”

“It’s true, I’ve been here for 52 years….”

Long story short he doesn’t answer my question and it makes him sad because so many people he knew are dead.

I would have liked a direct answer, but was thrilled by my experience.

Musso & Franks with Alan & Adler

We were all starving! I’d been sitting at in the same theater for over 5 hours, good God! Adler had been to Musso & Franks the night before and since he’s so stinking charming, had met the owner, who came over and chatted with us.

Great minds think alike--we all got the NY Strip.

We hustled back down to Grauman’s because Angela Lansbury was speaking before a showing of  ‘Gas Light.’ She’s 86 and was FANTASTIC! The movie was really creepy and I highly recommend watching it late at night during a storm.

Then we made a mass exodus to the Egyptian (usually most exudoses go the opposite direction) to catch ‘The Mummy’ at midnight. I had never seen that film and it was great to see it at a great theater and at that time of night. SPOOKY. It’s very similar to the newer version of the film…way to go with the new ideas Hollywood!

I was extremely happy and extremely exhausted and NOT looking forward to the last day at the festival…


7 Responses to “TCM Film Festival Day 3: I’m Going To Get There At Any Price”

  1. MAYBELLINE May 6, 2011 at 2:49 PM #

    Do Alan and Adler follow your posts? (Or anyone else from the festival for that matter.) I would like to know their point of view of these episodes.

    Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to address the registered voters of California. Do you know how close we were to having Warren Beatty run for governor? Yikes!

    Even furthermore, try pitching this idea to TCM: Film Festival Sunscreen. Your photos show that the entire population of festival attendants are lacking melan and could use protection. What other kinds of items did TCM hock at the festival?

    Spotlight on stupidity: There’s a new version of the Mummy? Really? Was it necessary?

    • L May 6, 2011 at 6:49 PM #

      I know that Alan reads this and possibly Kevin.

  2. Suz May 6, 2011 at 5:43 PM #

    Warren Beatty is SO LAME!!! Maybe he’s not getting any calls to do any movies because Hollywood finally figured out how lame he is!! Why couldn’t he just say, “Umm. . .haven’t gotten any offers in years.” He and Jennifer L. Hewitt should do one together.

    • L May 6, 2011 at 6:48 PM #

      HAHAH!!! So true.


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