TCM Film Festival Day 4: Stand Aside, I’m On My Way

8 May

So…All good things must end and starting my last day was rough! As I got ready for breakfast I thought of the song Debbie Reynolds sings in ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ that my Grandma used to sing to get me up. Being that chipper in the morning must have skipped me!

Everyone at breakfast looked tore back! 3 nights of staying out late, drinking and seeing midnight movies THEN waking up for breakfasts at 8AM finally caught up to everyone.

Alan, Adler and I went to see ‘Night Flight.’ It hasn’t been seen since 1942, so since NO ONE in the audience had seen it, it was a PACKED showing. I ran into my friend, Kevin, that I met last year. (I suppose he’d be The Lion?)

Kevin & Me at 'Night Flight.'

Before the movie Osborne said he didn’t know if the movie was any good because it hadn’t been seen in so many years. At least he was honest!

How was the movie you ask? Well, I fell asleep, that’s how awesome it was. The sound of airplanes was white noise and put me to sleep. And who the hell kills Clark Gable off?! Come on!

Drew Barrymore spoke afterward, her family was in that film. She does know her movie facts but her voice annoys the crap out of me–Valley Girl at 40 isn’t cute. We had to hustle down to the Egyptian to catch ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’ with Debbie Reynolds (who’s from Texas and lost that accent…just sayin’ Drew) who was speaking afterward.

Grandma M: Debbie or Barbara?

My Mom thinks Debbie Reynold is like my Grandma and I suppose in the way they act, I agree. (They are both always ON.) I think my Grandma looks like Barbara Stanwyck. Who’s that, I knew you’d ask–here’s a photo of Barbara for your comparison pleasure.

Barbara Stanwyck or Grandma?

Debbie came out after the movie with a camera following her. She was wearing a violet, sequined outfit and moved through the crowd letting men kiss her hands as she made her way to the stage. She was EVERYTHING I wanted her to be and then some!

A True Movie Star

Also,she allowed you to take as many pictures as you wanted of her. Why? Because she’s a TRUE movie star! (Take a note, Beatty!) Leonard Maltin interviewed her and I think, was a little overwhelmed with her liveliness. She was singing and kicking, I laughed so hard I almost cried. She joked about being a coyote and the crowd corrected her and said cougar. “Oh, well, that makes more sense. Coyotes kill each other!”

At Miceli's having my last taste of cheese until Christmas. I'll miss you queso.

Instead of going to see ‘Place In The Sun,’ we left on an upbeat note and went to Miceli’s for lunch. I had my last taste of cheese until Christmas. It was nice to eat dairy for 4 days & I had a pepperoni pizza to bid adieu to it until winter. (Twice a year is enough.) We met some cool people from New Jersey who were going to John Wayne’s grave the following day. Full and sluggish, we trekked back to the Roosevelt to see a panel on ‘The Art of Sequels.’ HA! The name alone was hilarious.

In the middle of the panel, my work called me and asked where I was? I knew they would schedule me after approving my vacation, our scheduling manager is a mental defective. I ripped into the manager that called me and told her I was on vacation and she should talk to the scheduling manager about how he screwed them over…what kind of circus are they running? I told her not to call me again.

Since my heart rate had skyrocketed due to that phone call, we got a drink and chatting in the lobby after the panel. (It was lame, Brett Ratner-one of the speakers- is so full of B.S. I could smell it from my seat!) Adler went to see ‘Westside Story’ and Alan and I opted out of that one. I’m not embarrassed to say that I ended up taking a quick 15 minute nap in the lobby.

View from a nap: The ceiling in the lobby of the Roosevelt.

After Sleeping Beauty woke up, we went to the pool to get some fresh air and chatted before the closing party began. We were out there for about two hours and had no idea about Osama until we went back into the lobby.

Lounging at the Pool

The party was not exclusive, so all pass levels could attend—translation, it was p poppin’! They announced a cruise in December and, of course, the third festival. (Yes, I already started saving!)

End of day 4: Alan, myself and Adler. I, for one, am exhausted & look it.

Adler was pooped, so we said our goodbyes, confident in keeping in touch and seeing one another next year. Alan went out to the lobby to chat with Zillah and Sho while I FINALLY got to talk to my friend from last year, Kevin, for more than 2 minutes. We kept missing each other because we went to different movies and I’d been wanting to talk with him…all year!

Start saving for the Spotlight Pass Kevin, you're going to the Vanity Fair Party in 2012!

He’s a directing major in college and a blast to talk with about movies.  Kevin’s also younger than me AND knows more about films than me. (Isn’t that refreshing!) He gave me a list of movies that I have to see-which, so far, I’m very happy with his choices for my curriculum!

I spotted Ben Mankiewicz and told Kevin to come over and take a photo of us. Like I said, Ben has some of the most luscious hair, and is taller than I thought he’d be. He chatted with me and I told him that I’m related to Orson Welles and Gregg Toland (he’s related to the guy that wrote ‘Citizen Kane,’ which both the dudes I’m related to worked on as well.) He stuck his hand out (palm up) right in front of my chest and said, “Great genetics.” Awkward. I grabbed his hand and  did a weird handshake, saying a quick, “Thanks, I had nothing to do with it!” As the photo is happening I feel his fingers rubbing circles on my back, OK…? My camera had a double flash that automatically happens in dark rooms to prevent red eyes. He didn’t care for that and teased me about my lack of camera knowledge, especially being related to Toland. OK smart ass, I’d held my tongue long enough. I pointed to my chest and said, “I’ve got these, I don’t have to know about technology, ” and walked away.  Where’s the photo, I’m vain and don’t like the angle, so it’s staying on my computer! Sorry–not really.

Kevin and I did notice Ben was constantly followed by a harem of younger(at least in terms of the average age of the festival) women. Good for you dude, you’re single, go get some strange I guess…right?

I stayed at that party until they turned the lights on and told us to leave, then dropped Alan at his hotel before heading home myself. I had the BEST time that weekend and can NOT wait until next year…but my wallet can!

Also, to bring things full circle, the titles of my blog are from a song from ‘An American In Paris’  called ‘ Stairway to Paradise.’ Aren’t I a slicky? Here’s the song to round out my awesome trip (it’s not the film version because people on youtube are douche bs and disabled that version.)


3 Responses to “TCM Film Festival Day 4: Stand Aside, I’m On My Way”

  1. Suzanne Blender May 9, 2011 at 3:31 AM #

    What a great weekend you had!! Lucky and smart YOU.

  2. kittypackard May 10, 2011 at 3:30 AM #

    Our schedules apparently skirted each other’s the entire weekend! (Including lunch at Miceli’s!) Would have been simply grand to meet a swell dame such as yourself– your Festival posts are sincerely fabulous! And oh that Ben Mankiewicz story… WHOA. Sorry to be cliche, but nothing else than “OMG” will do!

    You planning to do the TCM Classic Cruise?


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