California’s (Creepy) Gold

16 Jun

What the hell happened to this poor thing?

So… as a result of all my work on, I’ve found a few cousins. Before this year, the last time I’d seen Pat and Kelly was 1987.

1987: Pat is in the blue and red top, I'm standing with my Great-Grandma. and Kelly is in the rocking chair.

We all went to San Juan Capistrano on Wednesday, I had never been but love the California Missions and was excited to see a “new” one.

DID YOU KNOW? California became the 31st state September 9th, 1850.

Kelly at Ramos House: You can't see it in the photo but the man in the olive colored shirt on the left had the hairiest buttcrack ever. It looked like his chest was on his butt...and of course I tried to capture the experience to share with you.

We started off having lunch at Ramos House Cafe on Los Rios Road, which is the oldest housing residence in California. It’s a super cute neighborhood of houses with TONS of friendly cats, always a plus for me. Mrs. Chubs was my personal favorite.  For lunch we had apple cinnamon beignets and I had a smoked chicken salad with cranberries and hush puppies. It’s a really yummy restaurant, you should go.

I'm Stuffed! Pat and I at Ramos House Cafe.

We walked over to the Mission and “when I was a kid” it was FREE to go to the Missions. Yea, well, California wasn’t broke when I was a kid either, so now it’s $9 to go in. We didn’t go and decided to explore the shops around town instead.

We wandered into a HUGE antique store that used to be a barn and stared poking around in there. Kelly found me and told me to come check out this weird corner. I thought, oh some more politically incorrect slave decorations. No, it was, well there’s no other term that’s appropriate, it was f*cking weird is what it was. The place is called Pandora’s Parlor and I will now take you on a freakier version of  ‘California’s Gold.’

A Fancy Doll Coffin? I used ice cream tubs to bury my out when you're gardening Mom. (Side Note: the green light was NOT needed to enhance the creepiness.)

I’m pretty sure this place is run by Sid‘s (the creepy kid from Toy Story) sister. It has to be.

Smoke 'em hoof you got 'em.

Just some light reading for the summer..."A Sudden, Fearful Death."

Apparently this guy thought it was a funny hat.

I think Pottery Barn is really missing out by not carrying unique items like this.

Puttin' On the Ritz

Thanks for the help, baby hands.

Please note the JAR of baby doll arms. They are a million times creepier than the boar above Kelly. Actually, the knowledge that someone WILL buy them is far more disturbing.

An actual 'Jug Head.' I'm 99% sure someone is getting that as a birthday present. Prepare yourselves for awesomeness.

The strong, silent type. Kelly's Knight in Shinning Armor.

After  being thoroughly creeped out (keep in mind, I edited the photos…there are TONS more), we moved on to a home decor shop which housed a large collection of…interesting books.

I think this is a Father's Day gift ideas table. Perfect reading material while on the crapper.

Kelly, smartly, didn't open her book. My poor eyes were bombared with the biggest bazooms, I've EVER seen. UGH.

Matchy-Matchy:The white chair I'm sitting is $5,000! My bed wasn't even close to that much!

After all the walking and photo taking we went for tea at The Tea House, back on Los Rios Road. It’s a really cute house that’s 100 years old. They have hats to wear for tea, we didn’t, but the option was there none the less.

Tea for Three

San Juan is a really neat community, full of things you might not expect…well now you will, so watch out!


4 Responses to “California’s (Creepy) Gold”

  1. MAYBELLINE June 17, 2011 at 8:11 AM #

    Your images are all stretched out and a bit distorted. Is it simply the pile of doo computer I am using to view your post?

  2. MAYBELLINE June 18, 2011 at 6:24 PM #

    Much better.

  3. Pandora January 24, 2012 at 8:33 AM #

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your visit to my booth, Pandora’s Parlor. Looks like you had some fun 🙂

    • L January 24, 2012 at 10:33 PM #

      I LOVE your booth and recommend a visit to anyone visiting San Juan Cap!

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