Get Happy

5 Jul

This photo makes me happy, but not as happy as this bird.

So…7 straight days of blogging and my brain has only just begun to trickle out of my ears. After yesterday’s post of pissiness, today’s topic is about things that make me happy. I’m venturing away from the easy picks: shopping, having money without working, and blaming farts on others.

Baby Me and Baby Bob the Cat...almost too much cuteness.

Cute Animals

This is my kryptonite. I love animals and they love me. I’m like Ellie May Clampett, animals always follow me around. The first instance was my cat Bob, named for his bobbed tail. He wandered into our yard and I was all over him (see above.) He was a great cat until some asshole neighbor poisoned him. I hope Bob takes ghost turds in that dude’s yard.

I have over 100 photos of Mr. Bojangles on my iPhone…I can’t help myself, he’s adorable. Plus, if I die and a fireman finds me, he can look through my photos and realize why I was single.

I also spend a lot of time looking at them here. See you in 3 hours!


I’ve already talked about my love of frosting ad nausea. There are very few things that make me as happy as a huge tablespoon of  Smith’s Bakery frosting.


I love making people laugh, which is why I act like a total goob most of the time. I also enjoy laughing  once in a while too!  I bet you can’t watch this video with out laughing.

Mr. Bojangles is also a fan of this, just don't disturb him like I did. (Example of iPhone photos of Mr. B.)

Sleeping In Clean, Bleached Sheets With Shaved Legs

This is a fantastic combination which produces the best sleep. I can’t say enough about it except, give it a try.

Over The Top, Old Fashioned Musicals

I love the glamor, the singing, the fantastic dancing, and how BIG the productions were. Plus I love tap dancing. The old stars make it look so easy.  I don’t know how tap and don’t think I’ll learn but I could watch it all day.


Getting My Hair Brushed

I RARELY ever get someone to play with my hair. I don’t count going to the salon since I’m paying them mad, crazy money. I’m talking about sitting in front of a friend while they go to town on my hair, making crazy braids and pigtails. I don’t care what the end result is because it feels so freakin’ good.


2 Responses to “Get Happy”

  1. MAYBELLINE July 5, 2011 at 7:41 AM #

    I must know.
    Did Mr. Bojangles shave his legs?

  2. MAYBELLINE July 5, 2011 at 7:49 AM #

    PS Vera Ellen never ate frosting (or anything else for that matter).

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