Don’t You Forget

10 Jul

Don't Leave Home Without it...remember, that was Am Ex's tagline a million years ago.

So…apparently the people who came up with this Blog Challenge don’t want me to write today. The topic is “Something you don’t leave the house without.” Some THING. Really? I could just name it and BOOP, entry accomplished. And really, who gives a crap what’s in my purse? I don’t even care! Blergh. I’m coming up with my own Blog Challenge after is done and it will be called the Most Magnificent Blog Challenge of All Time and Eternity. And it will be just that, mark my words. (I will take topic requests as well.)

I don’t leave the house without something to drink &  my purse…which weighs a butt load. I normally have a pad of paper and/or a book shoved in there with all the normal crap (wallet, iPhone, camera–because the iPhone camera sucks–and other normal junk.) I keep the book and paper with me because when I was a kid my Granny told me, “Intelligent people don’t get bored.”  “I don’t want her to think I’m a dummy, so I’d better entertain myself,” I thought. And ever since  I’ve hated the word bored.  I rarely use it…unless it’s slow at work and only because I can’t read there.


One Response to “Don’t You Forget”

  1. MAYBELLINE July 10, 2011 at 12:38 PM #

    You know what would have improved that guy’s video? He should have had on a pair of his dad’s old tube socks, got a bucket of sudsy water then danced around that big, old empty floor. Did you know this cheeky band is from Glasgow? Furthermore, I love Cap’n Crunch. Your granny is a sage. I’m never bored – hence I must be a genius (or simply don’t know any better).

    Good day. I said, “Good day.”.

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