I’ll Be Looking At The Moon

17 Jul

A new book? AWESOME!!

So…today’s topic is “things I miss.” What a downer. I’m sorry, I don’t control the topics. It’s also a super appropriate one for me today because my Mom told me Granny is ordering Grampa’s tombstone…FINALLY. Anyway, I will try not to make everything I miss sad, I’ll ease you into the sadness pond.

I miss getting excited about books. I remember getting so stoked about a book I really wanted and then finally getting it. I could speed through a really great book in a few days. I even read  Gone With the Wind in sixth grade in less than a month and that book is over a thousand pages! I think the last book I was stoked about was Bossypants and I finished that in 1.5 days. Everything I see at the bookstore sucks now and/or I can figure out the plot 1/4 of the way through.

I miss not having to pay bills. Bills suck! Having your parents pay for everything AND cook dinner for you is AWESOME. But, that is definitely something you can never fully appreciate until it’s not an option anymore.

Unslutty Halloween...you're still a dork to me Morgan.

I miss when Halloween wasn’t a holiday for sluts. Back in my day, no one bought their costumes. Halloween was about creativity and having your Mom make you a kick ass costume. I was a princess, a clown, and Morticia Addams…all outfits made by my Mom. She made a clown outfit for Morgan and painted his face so awesomely that when he looked at himself in the mirror he bawled like a wiener because he looked so authentic.

Uncle Peter and Aunt Helen (dressed as a Halloween Cowboy and Green Haired Lady) lying in their graves at Halloween 1994. The headstones Mom made read as follows: "Aunt Helen, What a Great Gal. She really was sweet. She would be with us, if it hadn't been for Pete." AND "Here Lies Old Pete. Now he feels the heat."

We went all out and had a big Halloween party when Aunt Helen and Uncle Peter visited in 1994. I don’t think that holiday is very big in the U.K. (another reason why America is bad ass) but they really enjoyed themselves that October 31st.

Maybelline: lover of hot dogs and naps.

Missing pets might be the hardest because you can’t communicate with them when they are dying and many times you hope your next pet will be as great as the last…most times, they don’t even compare. Maybelline was the dog that lived the longest at our house and therefore, the dog I got to enjoy the most. My Mom “surprised” my Dad and adopted her as an adult dog. We shared a love of hotdogs and taking naps on the tile floor in the super hot summertime. She’s the only dog I knew that burped and when she wagged her tail, she pretty much wagged her entire body. Maybelline was the coolest dog, hands down. I would totally clone her.

Grampa, Uncle John and Uncle Peter being silly at a wedding in Great Britan.

I love this photo. It is probably my favorite of my Grampa and of my Uncle Peter because it shows how silly and funny they both were.

Uncle Peter and Me at Yorkshire Abby...he most definately was NOT taller than me.

I talked a little bit about my Uncle Peter earlier. I have nothing bad to say about him and couldn’t image anyone ever could. Uncle Peter is still one of my most favorite people…ever! We were pen pals during my Jr. High/High School years. I guess it was perfect timing for each of us; he was a widower and lonely and I was a single, dorky, high school girl. I’m sure most of my letters were full of uninteresting tales from high school but we got to know each other really well during those years. He was one of my best friends. I do know he kept every single one of my letters. (I saw them on his desk when I went to visit in 2001.) I, of course, still have every letter and card he ever sent to me. I really miss writing to him. When I went away to college, he moved into an old folks’ home because he had dementia. I stopped writing since he didn’t know who anyone was. It was heartbreaking to know someone with the quickest wit out of anyone I’ve ever known was wasting away to nothing. He passed away in 2007 and I haven’t had a pen pal since and don’t imagine I’ll ever have one as great or as funny as him.

Grampa and Me at Hart Park

I definitely miss my Grampa. While doing my family tree work, I’ve talked to a bunch of people who knew him and every single person only has nice things to say about him. I’m really happy about that because sometimes, after people are gone, you might find out they used to be butt holes, not Grampa. Anyway, both of my parents work full time so, he watched me every day until I started first grade. He was an amazing cook, there was always something delicious smelling cooking at his house. It makes me sad when I go over to now because there’s no yummy cookies or homemade bread to snack on. Unlike my Granny, Grampa was someone I could sit with in complete silence without feeling like I should be chatting. Thankfully, I inherited his ability to fall a sleep and stay asleep. Once, he took Morgan and I to see ‘Space Jams’ and totally slept through the entire thing, now that’s some awesome sleeping skills! I always loved playing card games with him. He knew Latin…so don’t even think you’d beat him at Scrabble! We both really enjoyed reading and learning new things. When I was learning to knit in fourth grade, my first project was knitting him a scarf. It was the saddest, most pitiful looking scarf (especially compared to what I can do now!) but he LOVED wearing that dang scarf. He was also one of the few people who got me what was on my Christmas list, instead of going haywire and getting me bedazzled flip flops, he stuck to Teddy Roosevelt bios. Thank you for that, Grampa.

I wish I had written down more of his corny jokes because they were great. My favorite one he told went like this, “A fly flew into a barn and saw a big pile of manure. He went over and ate and ate and ate. When he was done, he tried to fly away but was too full and couldn’t get off the ground. He looked over and saw a pitchfork. Well, he climbed to the top of the handle, jumped and landed on the ground. Do you know the moral of the story? Don’t fly off the handle when you’re full of shit.” Pretty good advice.

I was more that happy to supply Grampa with the hippest selection of hats.

He passed away in 2009. It doesn’t feel like he’s gone until I want to call and ask him a question or when I find a cool hat he’d like.

Side Note: for those of your who emailed asking if I missed a day of my blog challenge I tell you, no. My day ends around 4AM, not midnight, so as long as I post something before I hit the sack, it’s all good in my book.


3 Responses to “I’ll Be Looking At The Moon”

  1. MAYBELLINE July 17, 2011 at 10:34 AM #

    One nut?!

  2. MAYBELLINE July 17, 2011 at 11:26 AM #

    PS – Now my cover’s blown.

  3. Jas July 18, 2011 at 4:17 AM #

    I know that this entry is full of heartfelt and well planned sentences, but I’m still stuck on the picture of the kid wearing a bolero and sitting on a killer 70’s carpet. Tootally familiar scene.

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