None Ya

5 Aug

So….the topic for Day 27 is a photo of my city. Honestly it’s nobody’s damn business where I live. Somewhere in Southern California. It’s a cute city, I like it, end of story—stalker. I will say that I went to a midnight showing of  ‘The Change Up’ in my city tonight. I RARELY go see new movies, mostly because they’re crap, but I love Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds…I had to go.  The actors in the movie were really good, especially with the craptastic script they had to work with. The screenplay was written by the guys that wrote ‘The Hangover, ‘ so it SHOULD have been a good movie, or at least have had an interesting plot. I knew it was a rated R movie but the amount of cussing was unnecessary. The first word the main character says is fuck…that’s the tone you want to set for the movie, alright. It was almost all girls in the theater and I can GUARANTEE you that  we would have rather the R rating have been for nudity than for all the stupid f-bombs. Not having Ryan Reynolds nude in an R rated film is a rip off and just plain stupid. (Clearly the MEN that marketed and made this movie didn’t think too hard about it.) Leslie Mann was great but I can’t stand Olivia Wilde.  In the film she acts like she’s doing Ryan Reynold a favor by going out with him…really? That is totally unbelievable and stupid. I guess my overall review: Watch this movie on HBO when you’re home sick. It did make me feel good about my writing, because if this dump pile can get made, I’m OK. Also, the theater I went to had white cherry Icees, which is the hardest flavor to find. I had a 40 oz. and it was delightful.


3 Responses to “None Ya”

  1. MAYBELLINE August 5, 2011 at 8:06 AM #

    I know Mr. Reynolds has something to offer under that T-shirt; but he’s still the dork on 2 Guys and a Pizza Parlor (or whatever that show was called). Glad you at least enjoyed a superior ICEE.

  2. BabyCakes August 5, 2011 at 11:28 AM #

    Well, I still want to see it. And the tv show was called 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, then later in its run it was shortened to 2 Guys and a Girl… that show was awesome!

  3. Facetious Firecracker August 5, 2011 at 11:52 AM #

    I know the feeling. Clearly the men who write Supernatural don’t understand that I need to see Jared Padalecki naked at least once. White cherry ICEEs sound delectable. I wonder if there’s a way to combine those two things.

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