Ding Dong The Blog Challenge Is Dead

16 Aug

Straining to see what movie was on TCM while at 25 Degrees.

So…I didn’t do 30 consecutive days, but I’m FINALLY finished with this stupid freakin’ challenge.

Here are FIVE good things that have happened while I did this, instead of writing about actual cool stuff.

What is my boyfriend doing?

1. While strolling along the Santa Monica Pier, Roger and I found this little scrump-nugget sunbathing on the sand. He looks like Mario from Nintendo. I especially enjoyed how daintily he covered up his nips.

Haaaappppppyyyy Hour

2. After that vision of loveliness and seagulls flying too close to comfort near my noggin, I needed a drink. Roger and I found the Misfits Bar on the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade. The BEST happy hour with awesome food…I over did it a little, it was that good!

Roger surrounded by "art."

3. After a midnight workout session Roger and I decided to go see Christian Marclay’s The Clock at LACMA. It’s a 24 hour movie that shows the time in different movies. When we walked in they played a scene from “Tootsie’ that took place at 2AM…I was sold. We were there from 2AM to about 3:30 AM and I wish I could have seen more. It was very interesting.

Raleigh Studios, formerly United Artists

4. I got a personalized tour of Raleigh Studios from my friend who works there. That studio used to be United Artists which was started in 1919 by Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Doug Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith. It was really neat to walk on such an old lot.

Before meeting my pal, I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to get old name ideas (don’t knock it, it totally helped me for my script.) As I was walking to my car a man asked if I’d take his photo in front of Johnny Ramone’s grave. Sure. He then asked me if I had a boyfriend, I lied and said yes. “You want another one?” Only I would get hit on at a cemetery…no where normal or by a normal guy, but by someone who after being rejected by me, asked if I’d like to buy editing equipment from him.

How did Lucy and Ethel do it?!

5. After seeing the last Harry Potter movie at Grauman’s, Roger and I decided to pull a Lucy and Ethel and try to steal John Wayne’s footprints. Well, they must get that a lot because that hunk of cement wasn’t going anywhere! On a side note: that was the first 3-D movie I ever saw and I think the only thing 3-D enhances are the ticket sales!




One Response to “Ding Dong The Blog Challenge Is Dead”

  1. MAYBELLINE August 16, 2011 at 7:58 AM #

    But you finished!
    I think you did a great job taking “ho-hum” topics and making them interesting. Shows you have creativity AND that you finish what you set out to accomplish. Roger should be recognized for playing a great supporting role in this challenge.

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