Holy of Holies and Hottie of Hotties

24 Oct

So…I went to the Paley Center to see part of the items Debbie Reynolds put up for auction.  Her  collection is some prim-o stuff, it’s like seeing the Shroud of Turin for movie buffs. The building is in Beverly Hills and I pass it every week on my way to my writing group… yep it’s in Beverly Hills, totally fancy pants.  It’s only $6 to see only a third of her collection, WORTH IT!  GO!

I got there, walked upstairs and was pretty much the only one there for a  good while.

I would wear this every day if this were mine.

The first items I saw were showgirlie dresses like this, right up my alley,  and Marilyn Monroe stuff.


100 years old and still lookin' sharp.

Then a bunch of Mary Pickford dresses, which are really impressive because of how old they are. And then everything starting coming up DEBBIE!

Yes to ALL of this. A dress and matching coat worn by Debbie Reynolds.

Unsinkable Molly Brown

I love this dress but what the crap is with the suit next to it? It looks like someone fell into a vat of cotton balls.

Sketch for the same dress.

Showboat 1951

Showboat is my Grandma’s favorite movie ever. When she dies, I will inherit roughly 25 copies of it on VHS.  I’m sure if I could ever get her to see this, she would be almost as stoked as when I (SPOILER ALERT) saw something from my favorite movie amongst the collection.

The photo below is the amazing rear view of the dress on the far left.

WOW. How do you sit down in that thing?

Shoved into the corner was an outfit I know very well from Funny Girl. I was so happy to see items from that movie because it’s one of my most favorites!

"I got 36 expressions, sweet as pie and tough as leather."

Swan Lake

Suits worn by everyone in the Rat Pack were there as well. They were gorgeous, beautifully tailored.

Frank's is the one on the right. Why it's not in the center, I don't know.

I saw a uniform over in a corner and even from a distance I knew, that it was Gable’s. I WAS RIGHT. Even hanging on the dummy you could tell because it was tailored to hang on him just right.

Clark Gable's uniform from 'Homecoming' (1941)

I was surprised to see only one dress from ‘Marie Antoinette’  since it had been  an over the top movie to showcase Norma Shearer.  But this dress is absolutely fantastic.

I wouldn't want to the the one who had to clean this sucker.

Upclose, check out the detail. And this movie was in black and white!

I thought I’d pretty much see all the major pieces, so I started looking at the minor pieces. Way in the back of the room I could see a bunch of hats. Oh, OK,  big whoop, hats, I’ll check them out.  As I got closer, I started to make out what exactly the hats were and started getting goosebumps. I’m pretty sure my gasp sucked the air out of the entire room. They were the hats from ‘Gone With The Wind!’


I've wanted this hat since I was 12.

The hat made from curtains.

I finally got to see something Clark Gable wore AND more stuff from ‘Gone With The Wind,’ I could have died right then.

But I had to go over to the Egyptian to meet Kevin. He suggested we go see ‘Das Boot.’ I had never seen it because I normally don’t watch German WWII submarine movies but he said it would be good. (It actually was really good.)

We got there early and chatted, when suddenly I spotted a man in a long vest covered in military badges and a cowboy hat. I promised you I would show you the hottest man alive and this is moment. Luckily for me, he is also a straight up bad ass. He’s a retired submariner who was there to talk and I could listen to him all day long. He spent something like, 3.5 years of his life underwater. Holy crap.

Look at that sick 'stache! If Kris Kingle and Yosemite Sam had a love baby, this would be him.

Hold your horses ladies, he’s married. He even took a call from his wife during his talk. What the hell?


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