How Low Can You Go?

19 Mar

So…it shouldn’t be too shocking that I agree 100% with this comment. While visiting my parents last week for our Colin Quinn adventure, my Dad, a teacher, told me that the high school district he works for wants to lower the percentages of the grading scale so more students can pass. (Example: a C is normally 70%, it would be changed to 50% for a C.) This would basically ensure than everyone with a high school diploma is now an absolute moron.

If everyone is stupid…who’ll be famous?

I don’t understand why Jon Hamm’s comment offended anyone, it’s the truth. He’s not the only celebrity to think this way. “The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like Mad Men is disgusting. It’s super disgusting to be a part of that culture.” – Jonah Hill. Exactly, Mad Men is a much better show with smokin’ hot dudes for the ladies (something the Kardashians do NOT have). But, if you’re only watching the Kardashians for Kim’s curvy figure, Christian Hendricks can do that for you on Mad Men, make the switch.

If people got upset because they knew Hamm was right, but they didn’t want anyone calling them out on why they were stupid, I can understand that. The truth can hurt sometimes. Kim Kardashian is famous for making a sex tape. Not something I would call brilliant. But, the ball was in her court so…

“I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, “stupid,” is in my opinion careless.”- Kim K.

Holy God, let me wipe the Bea Arthur look off my face before I try to break this down.

I would have more respect for Kim if she were to come out and say, “Yep, I’m dumb as dirt but I make a ton of money because of it, so I’m happy to be stupid all the way to the bank!”  Her defense, which was most certainly NOT written by her, was ridiculous. Seriously, hard working? You take photos all day, I wish my job was that “hard.”  A hard working business woman is someone like Martha Stewart or Oprah. Kim doesn’t even run her own business, her mom does that, therefore Pimp Mamma Kris Jenner is actually the smart one, NOT Kim.

Since when did we start caring about the losers more than the winners? When Napoleon lost at Waterloo,  he didn’t go back to France to get a big “nice try” parade.  They exiled his ass..because he LOST. They didn’t care about his feelings. Come on, we don’t give out all gold medals at the Olympics to make everyone feel good! We need to stop pandering to the idiots and start celebrating smarts and wit again. But we can’t do that if we keep lowering our standards and everyone is running around with 50% C averages!


5 Responses to “How Low Can You Go?”

  1. Maybelline March 19, 2012 at 7:36 PM #

    I want to play LImbo with Bea Arthur and Gene Wilder. Wait. The bar would have to be set pretty high for me. Ha! Raising the bar is appropriate here.

  2. Kayla (@sealedwithakay) March 21, 2012 at 4:18 AM #

    Finally someone said it! I agree with Jon Hamm too, I can’t understand why people love those “reality” shows? Like Kim K.’s life is relate-able? I think it’s because of shows like this that kids grow up now feeling so entitled to things that sometimes their parents can’t provide for them. It’s nuts looking around at my friends kids/some nieces and nephews in my own family that feel that when they turn 16 they should just get a car and all they have to do is pick out which one they would like to drive…sheesh! I hate that, we need more role models, or in the very least some better acting (:

    xo Kayla

  3. Maybelline March 21, 2012 at 11:49 PM #

    Colin Quinn tweets:
    “Didn’t appreciate what Jon Hamm said about Kim K. I follow Kim and she’s no idiot. The only idiots are people that don’t shop at Dash.”

    Was he joking?

    • L March 22, 2012 at 12:05 AM #

      No, I’m sure he buys all of his clothes at Dash. YES, of course he was joking, he’s a comedian.

  4. SheWasaDayTripper March 25, 2012 at 6:48 AM #

    This is brilliant! I can’t believe the amount of flack he has received over stating what most of us already know. It’s absolute truth and I don’t know how anybody can argue with it. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of these or not, but there’s a few shows in Britain – ‘The Only Way is Essex’, ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Geordie Shore’ – I don’t fully understand their format, or even their purpose, but it’s basically following the lives of complete nobodies who are now in the press every day, yet they’re as thick as planks and as dull as dishwater… I totally agree with what Jonah Hill said – seeing culture degenerate like this is just horrible.

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