King Mercury

5 Sep

So…today is International Freddie For a Day. It’s basically a day to remember what a complete bad ass Freddie Mercury was and raise awareness for AIDS…even though I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows about it by now.

Sinatra, Garland, Mercury. Most entertainers I would die to see are, they themselves, dead. Freddie is my favorite rock star, period. Mick Jagger can suck a big one for multiple reasons due to childhood torture tactics by my Mom and the Beatles are totally boring compared to the tasty beats produced from Freddie’s golden tongue.

My love affair with yet another gay man has been going on for years. When I was about ten years old, Cassie’s parents (who, compared to my parents, are kind of hippies) asked what I thought Heaven will be like. I told them that as I come through the clouds, I will hear Queen singing. They frickin’ loved that a ten-year old had that answer and I still believe that. If I don’t get to hear Queen after I’m dead, I’d rather go to Hell because an eternity without Freddie’s amazing pipes would be exactly that anyways.

Rockin’ long, flowing, locks or skin-tight leather and studs, this guy had more swag than any hard-core rapper today. I don’t know of anyone else who had that kind of control over a crowd. Sure Judy Garland could make you feel like she was singing just to you, but Freddie had a way to make the crowd feel like they’re involved in the show. Check out 6:04 of this video of the Live Aid performance, which is arguably his greatest of all time. Or, if you watched the closing ceremony of the summer Olympics, that was a perfect example of his ability to pump up a crowd 20 years after his death!

While he could get people going, Freddie could also sing some of the saddest songs and make you miss things you may never have even experienced in your own life. Some of them even make my cold, black heart feel..what are they called, emotions?

And he had every right to be one.

I could go on all day about how fantastic he was and what a total shame it is that he died, but I’ll let his songs do that for me. Enjoy this playlist while you work and think of this ridiculously talented, mustachioed, God of Rock!


One Response to “King Mercury”

  1. silverscreenings September 8, 2012 at 9:43 AM #

    I admit I have never paid much attention to Freddie Mercury. But you’ve written such a great tribute that I feel a big Google search coming on.

    Thanks for always posting such well-written and thought-provoking blogs.

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