19 Mar
Shoot me.

Shoot me.

So….have I turned into a hermit ala Little Edie? Unfortunately no. Have I stopped writing because I don’t like it anymore? HELL NO. I’ve been back at school (AGAIN) for the past, almost, year. The reasoning behind it is that I can get a nice job, that doesn’t involve kids slapping me in the ass with balloon animals and be able to have more time to write. I have plenty of stories from school and a never-ending ocean of rage at some of the dummies that go there with me. I really should wait until I’m done before I write about all the ridiculous goings on there, but here’s a preview: I have met a 20 something “adult” who doesn’t know how to read a clock. I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

stupidI have also met a roomful of people who don’t have any idea who Angela Lansbury is.

birdI promptly left that room.

I know what you’re thinking, how am I not a full blown alcoholic yet? I don’t have time to be. School is 45 hrs a week work is about another 20-25 more. I have also been dating a really nice guy for a year…so, sorry, no more crazy dating stories. I know, they were always a fun read. I won’t miss those kook-jobs though. That said, I AM going to TCMFF 2014 and will give everyone a nice report back. Party pal Alan and I will be in full affect, so it’ll be a good one.  See you soon.


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